Anyone else had a ridiculous bill when leaving Bulb?

Not sure how unique this situation is but would like to see if others are having issues with Bulb’s bills.

We were paying £70-100 a month depending on season. It was a bit more than they said it would be but not too bad. I had to move out due to loss of work in lockdown, so a stressful enough time. I paid off the account and followed the moving out advice on their website. At most I thought there would be a week or so extra to pay so maybe £30.

Another flatmate opened a Bulb account to take over, so they kept supplying power and being paid.

However, Bulb sent me a final bill for £750. I thought it was an obvious error they would apologise for and quickly remove. Yet they kept acting as if it was normal and reasonable. I’ve complained, begged them to acknowledge how insane it is, gone round in circles a hundred times on emails.

They just ignore you and repeat the same nonsense. I’ve been harassed with emails, phone calls and text messages saying pay by this date. The latest message said they would let me pay £63 a month for a year to pay it off.

To clarify, they want me to pay £63 a month for somewhere I don’t live, where they are already being paid for power, and have already been paid for every month they covered.

Even if I could afford that I wouldn’t be paying them when it’s for absolutely nothing. But I assume now they’ll keep chasing me and my credit rating will be destroyed all because they can’t or won’t acknowledge their mistake.

There’s little I can do and I’m getting past caring given everything that’s happened this year. I just wanted to see what others had experienced and to say be very wary when closing your account.

Hi @adrianreynolds1981, welcome to Bulb community firstly :wave:

I can see that my colleague Amber emailed you about this about a week ago to explain the state of play on your account. The opening meter reading we have for one of your supplies was seemingly too low, which meant that when you supplied us a meter reading, it generated a large statement. In order to get this corrected, we would need to raise a dispute with your previous supplier to change their closing reading and our opening reading to a different value, that is closer to your actual supplied meter readings.

Unfortunately we can’t simply wipe this statement, because it is based off of meter readings from your meter that you have supplied to us. However, if you’re able to send readings to Amber as she requested, we can begin this dispute process for you.


I have replied to that, it just goes round in circles.

You admitted many times there’s clear errors with the meter yet still persist in chasing a bill ten times higher than it should be. The last email merely laid out a payment plan for the bill rather than doing anything to remove it.

Our bills were higher than expected when we joined but we just got on with it and paid them. If you need to discuss it with EDF then go ahead. I don’t live there anymore and wasn’t in charge of the previous energy supplier. EDF had previously stated the meter was faulty but that Bulb needed to service it as the current provider. That didn’t happen. I gave a meter reading to close the account and now this mess has gone on for three months and you send constant emails as if giving someone a £750 electric bill for less than one month in summer if vaguely appropriate.

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Hi @adrianreynolds1981

I can appreciate that this bill has come at quite a shock but as Louis and Amber have both explained we have to bill you on the readings provided. That being said, we are able to start a dispute process with EDF which will change your opening reads with us and lower your bill as we’ll be charging you for less unit.

If you’d like us to do this please respond to Ambers email with another meter reading and we’ll get this process started now. We are also able to raise a complaint for you regarding this issue if you so wish. Just let us know on the open email exchange.

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How often did you provide meter readings to bulb? if it was a issue with the initial reading, then this would have been picked up as soon as you gave your first reading?

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Exactly. The first statement would have been huge, meaning a large debt would show on the account. Every statement after that would look ok, but at some point surely the customer would query why a large debt was always showing on the account. Perhaps the OP never looked at their statements. Perhaps the statements were always estimated. Sounds like classic account mismanagement to me, for an error that would have been obvious from day one.

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Same here. My final bill is 270£ from 6th of july till 3rd of August. They’re just a crap company


I have opposite problem or will have. Left bulb and they sent me a final bill that I am 138.75 in credit.
Electricity reading was ok but they meesed up gas. The last actual reading on 14.7. was 645 and the leaving estimate reading 251 two days later !!!. How is that possible to do such a mistake?
Wonder when they will realize their mistake and will chase the money back.

Unfortunately they have send this false reading to my new supplier.

Did you send in monthly meter readings that were actually used on your bills? You’ve probably suffered from a catch up bill due to relying on poor estimates for a long time.

The flow of data is in the opposite direction. You give an opening reading to your new supplier, and they pass that to your old supplier as a closing reading. The error could quite possibly be due to your new supplier. If there is a disagreement on the handover reading, then the two supplier discuss and come to some acceptable arrangement, which means something could also have gone wrong on either side.

I havent sent any readings to my new supplier as all the readings are from smart meter which B ulb installed themselves so dont know why they estimated the closing reading in the first place.

Also they messed up the readings and billings few times during the time I`ve been with them. Should left much earlier.
Good luck to everyone and keep up the fight.

As I understand it, even with SMETS2 meters that will continue to be smart when switching supplier, the first reading still has to be done manually. It’s likely this has all gone wrong because you didn’t give an opening reading to your new supplier when you were supposed to.

Your new supplier will have estimated the opening reading, and then sent that estimate to Bulb to use as the closing reading. Now it will take a load of hassle for the two suppliers to come to agreement as to the accepted handover reading.

Did you new supplier not explicitly ask you for opening readings?

They are a crap company that that have just been heavily fined for overcharging customers they are shit they want £79 a month for gas and electric For a one bed flat with two adults working full time!!!

Mugging people off big time avoid at all costs

BULB estimates are absolute d0g-sh1t. They say my minimum monthly payment is 96 quid, about 5 quid more than my mid winter dual fuel bill. This company seems to be circling the drain. Probably a good idea to switch right now to avoid any inconvenience.

How often do you submit meter reads? it’s not up to bulb to magically know, that is unless you have a smart meter.