Anyone else had an issue with a smart meter day and night rates switching?

Background is that I was previously with OVO, it was they who installed a smart meter (not very smart, liberty 100 smets 1). The day and night readings were from the R02 and R01 counters respectively.

For the first 6 months of my time with Bulb things progressed smoothly and the R02 reading racked up 1752 units, the R01 402, quite normal for a day/night ratio.

In the last 5 months it has flipped, R02 usage has been 577 and R01 745 and The R01 usage is increasing during the day.

I can’t be exactly sure when this happened, but Bulb ‘enabled’ the smart meter on 25th August, so that’s a potential date.

Bulb support have been hopeless, promising to respond to my query and not doing so, and telling me in chat that it can’t happen.

But it has, so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue like this.

Hi @richard.d.mayes,

Firstly thanks for creating your first post and letting us know about your issue, welcome to Bulb community!

So after looking into your account earlier I don’t see your readings being flipped as they have been increasing linearly. Secondly, your Secure SMETS1 meter was never enrolled onto the smart network so a re-configuration would not be possible anyways.

If you would like us to look into this further to see if your day and night readings have been transposed, could you conduct a space test?

To conduct a space test:

You’ll need to take two meter readings on the same day at least two hours apart and between the hours of 7:30am - 11:30pm with photos preferably

For example:

Time- 8:00am Time- 6:00pm

Rate 1- 23455 Rate 1- 23457

Rate 2- 12345 Rate 2- 12345

In this example, it shows that Rate 1 is the day usage, as it’s moved during the day, while Rate 2 has stayed the same.

Once you’ve done this, could you email over the results to

Thanks for responding Trevor, but you have missed the point somewhat.

They are still both increasing but the amount by which they are increasing has flipped.

You can see from my readings that between December and June R2 usage was 4 times that of R1, sometime since June it has been the other way round.

I have satisfied myself that R1 is now going up during the day by reading the meter several times during as suggested.

Please note that these are the instructions from OVO, who installed it, on reading the meter

If your smart electricity meter is on an Economy 7 tariff (where you pay a standard price during the day and a lower rate for 7 hours overnight), press ‘6’, then press three more times until you can see ‘IMP R01’. This shows your off-peak (night-time) reading in kWh. Press ‘6’ again and you’ll see ‘IMP R02’. This gives your daytime reading.


And indeed it was always thus, which is why the R02 reading is higher than R01

However, now it is the other way round, compare the usage for December to June with my most recent readings from October and you will see that there has been a change.

Anyway, if you guys are satisfied it is OK, that is fine by me, I am thinking of switching to another company that only does a single tariff anyway so it won’t matter.



Hey @richard.d.mayes, I see what you mean. As your account was sent over with the readings the way they currently are, we would still need you to conduct a space test in order for us to raise a dispute.

If you still want us to change the readings, just pop us an email with the space test results and we’ll get straight to handling the matter :+1:

I’ve been having a similar issue for several months now and despite carrying out a space test and emailing the photos to verify the day / night readings it still has not been resolved. I have also emailed several times for an update but as yet no response from the so called customer service.

Hi @addie.kinnear, firstly welcome to Bulb community, happy to have you :wave:

Apologies for the delay. I can see your space test results have been sent across, so I’ve chased this up with him to see if we can get a resolution for you as quickly as possible.

Lou :stars:

Thanks for the response. I have now received an email confirming the readings are the wrong way round. Just need the bill adjusted to suit now which I hope will not be too long considering this has been ongoing for tbe best part of a year.

@addie.kinnear now we have the space test results, we should be able to get this sorted ASAP. If you’re still waiting in a week or two, let me know and I can chase this up for you!

Hi. Despite you having the space test results and confirming the readings are the wrong way round I received my statement today and it’s still wrong. I find this absolutely incredible and if this is not resolved fully within 7 days I will have no alternative but to take this issue to the next level.

Hi @addie.kinnear,

Thanks for your reply - sorry you’ve had to get back in touch. To solve this issue, we have to carry out a dummy meter exchange, which can be quite a tricky procedure as we want to ensure it’s done right so you won’t have any more issues.

I’ve messaged my colleague who you’ve been emailing to find out what stage they are at with this to ensure its resolved ASAP.

Why is this needed ? I would have thought the readings on my account would simply have been swapped round. Also my billing needs amended urgently, a dummy meter is not needed for this.

I shouldn’t really be surprised that once again there is a lack of response and resolution to my query therefore I will now be taking this to the Energy Ombudsman.

This is a total shambles. I have received 3 different statements within the last few days, 2 of them this morning, and the issue of the readings being wrong still hasn’t been rectified.

I would never recommend this company to anyone, in fact I would recommend people avoid.