Anyone else not received their monthly statement?

So, usually I receive my monthly statement on the 7th of each month like clockwork. However, this month nothing arrived.

My monthly payment has been taken, but nothing deduced from last month’s payment like the billing system normally does. I’ve contacted live chat and they did say they’d get it sorted by the end of the week, though I haven’t received any bill thus far, meaning that the issue is still present.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has not received a bill this month?

Its fairly common for this to happen for many different reasons, it happened to me 3 times. Luckily i was able to get to customer services quickly and they did use to be quick in sorting it. glad im off soon

No just for this month! We switched to the new Smart Meter back in Sept/Oct 2020, and haven’t had a bill since! We’re “paid into” Bulb, but nothing has been deducted. The Smart meter is working - when we go to the “view your usage” section it shows the graph of what we’ve used at what times of day.

I’ve contacted Bulb three times about this, and nothing! The person on online chat said they’d have to go away and investigate, told me i’d be emailed within 24 hours - nothing. Sent a follow up email - nothing. Submitted a Customer Complaints message - nothing! At this point, we’re starting to look for other providers. If no-one from the company can be bothered to respond to customers and sort things out, we’re not interested in staying somewhere and suddenly getting a bill for hundreds and hundreds of pounds because they can’t work their meters properly.


Mack D have a look at the NO BILLS SINCE SMART METER INSTALLED conversation. Lots of us have had and still are having problems. Very annoying especially when they tell you it’s been sorted and it’s not !!

I have never had an automatic statement since joining Bulb in August 2020. The money is always taken, but I never receive anything unless I harrass the team from every angle (and this can take many days, sometimes weeks depending on which way, for a response). They assure me every time that next month’s readings will go through automatically and I’ll get a statement on the 13th… here we are today and I’ve had to manually enter my readings for the umpteenth time and will no doubt need to contact them in all possible ways. To say I am infuriated every month is an understatement…

It’s now been an entire month since the billing system went rogue and stopped producing statements and billing for usage. I usually receive these statements on the 7th of each month.

Still waiting on my February and March statements to arrive and to be billed for that duration also. Payments have still been taken as usual.

What is going on?

Hi @yasinkp9091,

Thanks for posting about your billing issue sand I’m sorry that you both haven’t received a bill for a bit of time. It’s a bit of a complicated issue, but I have already sent across an email to discuss this further.

@mack_d I see you have a similar issue, my colleague has already emailed you about it and has already opened a complaint.

@MandyG I see you have been receiving statements but please do get back to my colleague via your open complaint if you still need further assistance.

@JDunks I see your issue now, it is to do with the incorrect details your old supplier has passed to us, I’ve also sent you an email to discuss this further.

Thank you to all of you for bringing this to my attention.

:bulb: Trevor

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I have not got my monthly bill & smart meter has not given its monthly reading to bulb. I started another thread about this.


Hi @darrenney :wave:

Sorry you haven’t yet received this. I’ve just sent you an email and will look into both the smart readings and the statement.

Thanks for your patience while we take a closer look.

Cara :bulb:

Thanks for your reply @cara_at_bulb and wait for your update.


Hi @Trevor_at_Bulb

I’ve had a look at your email. Thanks for your help :smiley:

@yasinkp9091 dont know why you have now marked this thread as solution for it maybe a sloution for you but its not been sorted for everyone.
@cara_at_bulb I know you may still be looking in to my problem with my monthly smart readings and not getting my monthly bill last week but is their any more update on this.


Hi @darrenney, I’m also having a look into this for you - I’m hoping to get your statement out to you over the coming couple of days. Thanks for your patience!

Lou :stars:

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Thanks for your reply @Lou_at_Bulb.


Hey @darrenney

I’ve unmarked my post as the Solution.

Thanks @yasinkp9091
My issues was sorted out late this afternoon but their are some others on the tread that still don’t seem to have had there issue fully sorted.


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I also have not received a statement since 6th February.

I used the chat function on the help page and was told that there was a system error, that Bulb are working on a fix but were waiting for “further communication”.

I asked who they were waiting for communication from, and was told that it was from a different team within Bulb.

Every time I log in I am told that I need to increase my direct debit by £15 a month.

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Could I please have a bill? I’ve been attempting to get in touch for almost a month now but either get disconnected from your live chat or ‘your incredibly busy’.

Obviously I am not the only one in this predicament as there are plenty of others on this forum with no bill.

Curious as to why we have to chase up this problem?

But can I have my bills please? Thanks
Hannah Pym


Hey @Hannah.P Sorry the statement has not been sent to you. This is something we need to sort.

The issue has come from the gas meter data on the meter exchange.

Please could you reply to my email when you can so we can get this produced for you.


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Hi, I have also been waiting for statements for Feb and Mar. Not happy, Bulb don’t seem to be working on it. Actively looking for an alternative supplier.

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