Anyone else not received their monthly statement?

Hi @VinceGodson, welcome back to Bulb Community!

I’ve just sent you an email about this issue, so keep an eye out for that :mailbox:

Sorry to crash this discussion - was just looking for an answer to the same problem. We’ve not had a statement since January. What’s the problem here?
Many thanks


Hi @Jim606, welcome back to Bulb community!

I’ve also just sent you an email :+1:

Same here, nothing since Jan. What disappoints me is that they are being less than open and forthright, they must clearly have a issue without a solution currently; but when they say things like "if we haven’t contacted you in two weeks " I begin to think it’s serious.

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Try only having estimated bills for almost 18 months! Took the ombudsman to sort it! Good luck!


I am also having the same issue. Was told it was fixed but still no bill. Can this be sorted?

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Hey @eoin1986 :relaxed:

It looks like you recently switched to our Smart Tariff ( :partying_face: ) which is what’s caused a hold up in your most recent bill. We had to wait for all the updated information to come through on our system for the new tariff. I’ve now sorted that for you

Sorry about the wait!

– H :bulb:

Hi @xcoerw :wave:

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I’m sorry you haven’t received your statements over the last couple of months. We understand this is frustrating and makes keeping an eye on your usage really difficult.

Unfortunately what you’ve been told is correct. It is a particular type of bill failure that our billing team are working on fixing, alongside software developers.

Suggested payment increases have been popped on hold while this issue is ongoing. We’ll update you with more information as we get it.

Thanks for your patience,
Cara :bulb:


Still no statements.

Still get a message telling me to increase my payments because my current payments won’t cover my usage.

This is a bit of a joke now.

If I leave for another supplier will you not be able to issue a final bill?


Morning @xcoerw,

I am very sorry about this. Sadly there is still no update on when we’ll be able to issue you with a statement. Our operations team are still working on fixing the issue that’s occurring on accounts like yours.

If you switched away, then the issue wouldn’t go away. You would still receive a final bill from us, but this particular billing issue would need to be fixed first of all.

I have just sent you an email so that we can stay in touch about this. I am very sorry about the stress caused to you.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

I’ve been having this problem for 3 months now. Keep being fobbed off every time I contact support.

Hi @Kabloomybuzz,

I’m really sorry you’ve also been experiencing this ongoing billing issue. As @Niamh_at_Bulb mentioned above, we’d still working on fixing the issue which if currently affecting your account, so we’re not able to produce a statement for you at the moment.

I’ve sent you an email so we can keep in touch about this going forward and you can ask me any questions you may have.


Same problem here. I had my last invoice from Bulb on the 3rd of February (for my January usage), since then nothing. I have kept paying my monthly dd (by referring to my Smart meter readings for monthly use) but their system now shows me £236 in credit. Although that is not stopping them continuously requesting I increase my DD! ONCE they catch up with my usage, I am still some £75 in credit with another payment being made this weekend. They seem to have lost the plot completely, from being super efficient last year they are now the Yodel of electricity suppliers- haven’t a clue what they’re doing. Time to look elsewhere but I’m concerned I’ll never get my ‘credit’ back.


I have the same issue. I am now paying more each evening and, being the summer, we want to go back onto the standard tariff. But we cannot as you will not issue an invoice since January! What the hell is the point of a Smart meter if you cannot read the information they are sending?


By law they must pay back what they owe(afterall its not their money).

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We have also not received any monthly statements since January and even though we are over £300 in credit Bulb are still advising to increase my monthly payment.

Bulb can you please sort this problem out ASAP.


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Hi @Ian10 and @MikeP58 :wave:

I’m really sorry you haven’t received your statements in a number of months. There is a software bug that is affecting some accounts, causing the statements to fail. We have raised this with the billing team, who have raised it with the developers and we are just waiting on the outcome.

As soon as this issue is sorted, we’ll get a consolidated statement sent out.

Again, I do apologise for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Cara :bulb:

Hello, my first post here.
Well i just checked our online account to fine we are some £900.00+ in credit, money we could do with in our pockets due to current circumstances. Why has it suddenly dropped
from £192.00 to £124.00 per month? we have had no letters concerning this.
I also thought i’d check the SMART meter, well it’s as dead as a Dodo, tried all the usual before being told to and still not breathing, so what’s happened, the actual meter shows Wifi is connected.
Also was the winter fund credited to the account? as being severely disabled myself it would help a lot, as would £900.00 over payment, people would soon be contacting me if it was the other way in debt, giving us days to make a payment.
So a few questions to be answered please, and when are we to get the ‘over payment back’
Please look into this and email your answers.

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Hey @32879,

Welcome to Bulb community :relaxed:

Sorry to hear that you’re currently having issues with your account and billing.

I’m just going to send you an email now to discuss this further with you.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Best wishes,
Trevor :bulb:

@cara_at_bulb @holly_at_bulb @Trevor_at_Bulb

Is there an update on this issue and a timescale of when it should be resolved?

A couple of months is a long time to correct billing issues, especially for a utility company :thinking: