Anyone else switched away from Economy 7?

Hey everyone

Just moved into a new flat with an (old) storage heater and electric immersion heater, and thinking about switching away from E7 as the times I’m in tend to be from 7pm to midnight, when the flat’s at its coldest. And probably buying one or two new non-storage electric heaters.

Has anyone else done this and how did you get on with the costs? And has anyone done it with Bulb?


Hi Imran, We switched away from Economy 7. It was an accident. We needed our meter replaced, and they messed up and gave us one which wouldn’t measure Economy 7. I think it costs a bit more not getting that off-peak discount, but I feel quite liberated being able to put in a load of laundry anytime instead of setting the time switch for the small hours. I think you should consider staying with Economy 7 because the new storage heaters are better than the old ones and will allow you to close the vents in your heater and open them at 6:30pm to get the heat coming in the evening when you need it. At least try it. My son has Economy 7. He likes it. He also put in loads of insulation to keep his home from cooling down when the heating is off. We find that heavy curtains are helpful to keep the heat in, especially if your windows are draughty and single-glazed.