Anyone had problems with submitting feed in tariff?

Been with bulb a few years now, I liked the original idea about green power. So far tho it’s been unclear statements due to a so called bug, then smart meters not working or at best erratically. Tried submitting feed in tariff readings and yet a so called other bug has prevented me doing it.
Sent readings and photos via email twice this week after chatting online to support staff. Guess what, another so called bug in the system. And no confirmation of my email and photo readings.

Maybe because I don’t use much electricity, so I’m not a priority. However they are quick enough to email me about recent price increases.

Bulb, a bright start but dimming very quickly with no useful support. I’m only glad I haven’t recommended anyone else as yet.

Hi @dstevens999,

I can see that your account is being discussed with our solar team after some recent alterations you made to your solar panel set up. There’s no bug on the system.

We do have your readings, that I can confirm. But while this is being investigated further we can’t process your FIT payment just yet.

That was supposedly of been sorted over 3 months ago, all that was added was 3 more panels.