Anyone know how to actually use Bulb?

Just joined Bulb, and created an online account today as I wasn’t ever emailed account details or anything. Does anyone know where to submit my readings and request a smart meter? Whenever I log in it just takes me to this community section that I’m not interested in. My main objective is just using Bulb successfully and easily without wanting to put a fork through my eye socket. Any help much appreciated - I’ve been on hold with the helpline for 28m42s.


Hi @oneill1200! :wave:

Did you start a new switch to us, or have you moved into a property supplied by us? If you’ve started a new switch, it takes 21 days to switch supplier, so the ‘submit meter reading’ option should become visible in your account closer to your switch date. You should also be able to book in a smart meter installation once you’re officially supplied by us.

Bulb seem to have a longstanding issue where some new accounts get access to the Community pages only, instead of the Account Dashboard, requiring intervention by Bulb for such accounts. It sounds like you are probably one of those affected.

Bulb don’t seem to have enough bodies to keep up with the helpline volume of late. But if you can persevere, you should eventually get through.

Yeah thanks both I eventually got through and they fixed the account for me - it was a new account not switch so shouldn’t have been any issue

Hi, I’m in the same boat. Bulb have asked for my metre readings and my first payment is scheduled for the 24th. However I don’t have the option to submit my readings or make any payments, just access to the community section. Do you recommend phoning the helpline or just waiting it out till you sort it via this forum?

I phoned the helpline and waited about 40 mins then they sorted it out v quickly. I wouldn’t recommend it as a fun activity of an evening but I guess there are worse experiences out there.

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I have the same problem here - I have just moved into a property supplied by Bulb and when wanting to create an account to submit my first meter readings I keep getting redirected to the community page with all the blog posts, and no actual link to submit the readings. Should I just call the helpline?

Hi @alidrabu - did you fill in our Moving in form here?

Just done that - managed to create an account and submit my readings. Many thanks

No problem. Let us know if you have any more questions :smile:

I’ve just switched to bulb and facing exactly the same issue! The poorly managed IT of Bulb doesn’t fill me with confidence and I have no intention of calling and being on hold for 40 min to fix their issue, so I’ll be cancelling my switch and staying with SSE.

@Mrgasmith I’m sorry to hear that you will be cancelling your switch. We are able to rectify this for you, and you can contact us either via email ( or on our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) and we’ll have the issue solved very quickly.

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