Anyone know the Economy 7 hours for Croydon please?

Does anyone know what the economy 7 hours are in Croydon?? I have emailed for help but to no avail.
When I was with British Gas they could tell me exactly… Bulb don’t seem to know.
Any idea? . .beyond sitting in the cupboard under the stairs to watch the meter all day/ night!
I had a (not so) Smart meter installed recently… the engineer couldn’t tell me either.

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First checking your economy 7 or 10

I’m near Heathrow and on 10 which is spread out over the day ,I find this better than 7.

The hours I have no idea.

The hot water cylinder I only turn on the off peak spur it keeps the water hot at off peak rate.

Thank you David… I have always been, and am still supposed to be, on Economy 7… but I don’t feel confident that it is still in place after switching to the ‘Smart’ meter… the screen monitor doesn’t show a different rate, just the daily total for cost of energy used. I was told that different areas have different economy hours… butf British gas were able to advise all their clients of the times, so I don’t see why Bulb can’t. I used to set my washing machine to come on overnight at the cheap rate time… but haven’t had the benefit of certainty since joining Bulb. Ho hum… Perhaps time to move again…

Who installed your smart meter?

The meter will default to single rate, and then has to be remotely reconfigured to multi-rate. Bulb seem to be having trouble doing this in many cases.

Bulb installed my smart meter at the beginning of this year…my original meter had flatlined, so rather than repair they replaced it with the (not so) smart meter.
I did ask the engineer who fitted it, but he didn’t tell me it had to be remotely reconfigured, and presumably didn’t put forward an instruction to do so…
Thank you for your advice… Guess I’ll have to start over trying to contact/request bulb to do it. They don’t seem to have a clue when you speak to them…

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you certainly got that right, still asking me for my first meter reading even though my account is closed and I’ve been gone for nearly three months

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You are correct, unfortunately. If you don’t have any luck with Bulb and decide you want to switch to a supplier with better SMETS2 meter support, I can give you a referral code :grinning:

Hi Hooloovoo,

Thanks for contributing to this post. Unfortunately we don’t allow this Community to be a place where we share referral codes. Please refrain from doing so. If you wanted any more info on this check out our previous post:


Guess that’s you told. :rofl:Do you really care?

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