Anyone still waiting for their Feed in Tariff Payment?

Is there anyone like me still waiting for their FiT Payment for the Quarterly period to end of December 2020? I have telephoned twice to chase this and sent 2 email chasers with no reply as yet. I was promised a reply but nothing has happened since to my knowledge?

Hi @bontfaen -

Welcome back to the Bulb Community! :wave:

I’ve looked into this for you and sent you an update via email. It does look as though we’ve sent you quite a few emails on this since December, so it may be worth checking to see if our emails are being caught by a spam/junk filter. You can stop this from happening by adding our email address to your ‘trusted senders’. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jim

I have thoroughly checked and can find no email updates from Bulb regarding the FiT payment. Where is my FiT Payment for the quarterly period until December 2020?

I got a copy of your reply to my post in my registered email mailbox which proves I would have seen any of the updates you stated had been sent to me? In any event my Bulb account update shows the last FiT payment to me was at October 2020?

Hi @bontfaen - I’ve sent you a PM now so we can get these issues with your email address sorted, as we’ve sent quite few emails answering your queries above. :slight_smile: