Anyone want free £100?

Looking to set up my daughter on Bulb, but can get £100 if one of you recommends her. Anyone up for this?

sure :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley:

Feel free to use My link :slight_smile: ĺ

Feel free to use My link :-) ĺ

I’d just like to remind people that despite the question being asked, this still applies:

@mowcius incorrect, read Will’s comment:

16.4.9. As an exception to 16.4.8., Personal Links may be shared on Bulb platforms, or Bulb profiles on other platforms as a direct response to a non-Bulb member requesting a Personal Link, as long as the owner of the Personal Link is unaffiliated with the non-Bulb member.

@andrew1944, right you are. Perhaps I should sleep more!

Clause 16.4.9 will be used for people to get their links back up there legitimately, and assuming that there won’t be a connection between requester and link owner is naivety in the extreme.

The fact that new customers can only get credit (and who wouldn’t want that?) by using a personal link means that having your link on display is potentially a lucrative business - hence the organised abuse and manipulation of Trustpilot.

@xxx. We’re having a bit of a discussion about this here.

@Sophiesdad @andrew1944 , great to see referral working as we’re expecting. Glad you managed to receive a link to join through.

As @mowcius linked above, we’re following a new strategy to clean up community and create an environment for discussion that’s free from multiple posts of referral links. The page linked here (same as @mowcius) outlines our policy.

I’m going to leave the discussion as it is as the links were requested in this case, but please all take a read of the comment from Andrew by clicking the link!