Anyway to check statements/bills/usage

Hi there

I was just wondering if there’s anyway to check statements or bills? I still haven’t got a graph after being with bulb for 3 months.
I’m paying £98 a month for my electric and gas, but apparently my actual usage is £140, which is much more than my last supplier and much more than the calculations I make based on my usage and the tariff.

Thank you

I also think there is definitely something wrong with my account, I can see my previous gas readings but none of my electricity readings. Checking the tariff is showing my annual electric to be 8371.80 kwh, that’s enough for 2 houses…

Hi @Riamu I have sent you an email to discuss some of your details with you. What I would say is that without a meter reading, we would charge you according to estimates, so with accurate meter reads, we can be sure that we are charging you correctly