App been 'down for maintenance' for 4 months now and I can't access my account

The Bulb app has been unusable since I joined you guys. We have a top-up meter, that we are trying to get rid of, for electricity and a credit meter for gas.
Not being able to see the balance online has been a major hindrance, how do I fix that?

Hmmm interesting… I too have been getting that same massage since joining and when I tell customer service this I was told that the app is working just fine.

No one as told me what I have to do to get credit added… plus I never even asked to go on pay as you go.

Please let me know if you get it all sorted.


Alright, I spoke to them on the phone today. I don’t actually have a smart meter which is what allows you to check the top up balance :grimacing:. So check if you do, and if not request one?

Honestly, we have the same exact issue. We have a top up electricity meter, which we did not sign up for. To change it you need to go through a credit check, and make sure that the landlord is fine with it being changed.

Hope that helps

Hiya thank you for the prompt response.

I’ve just spoken to them and now the app is working…seems there was a spelling error in my email address. Call them back and check the spelling for your email.

I’ve also requested a change to direct debt once credit check is done.

Hope this help resolves your app problem as the app now works fine.

Stay safe

Hi @jallohjallohamadu1

Welcome to the community :wave:

We have your electricity meter down as a traditional top up meter. So you would top up with a key in the shop.

These kind of meters do not have any smart function and you wouldn’t be able to see data in the app. You could only get this if you have smart top up meters.

I can see that you have called up and clarified this now.

We currently don’t install smart meters in top up mode however you could get credit smart meters installed and then request to change the mode to top up at a later date (we couldn’t confirm exactly when the change of mode would be available).