App camera not working on iPhone for meter reading

Not a moan or complaint but couldn’t find anywhere to let u know about ur app camera for meter reading
Tried in both gas & electric meters today to take photo of readings but wouldn’t work - it has in the past

This has been an ongoing issue for quite sometime if you look at other posts on here

Not really one for scrolling through forums but thanks for responding
At least I know now - lol :ok_hand::+1::joy:

Android phone user here and the phone app don’t work for me either, I keep stating this but never get an answer or solution to it.

Hi @tonywhit4

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Sorry to hear that. Could you tell me what happens when you try and use the camera in the app? I can then flag this to the relevant team.

If you need to send photos in to us for the time being please email them to with a short explanation.