App crashing in usage tab

iPhone XS Max iOS 13.6
Bulb app>
Usage tab : app crashes every time when I do a pull-down refresh.

Hi @carpstudy and welcome to our Community :bulb:

There have been some reports today by other members who have experienced some difficulties with the Bulb account. Our tech team have been investigating this and it should be up and running as normal very soon.


I find the app completely rubbish :confused: I can’t access anything on it as I’m pre-pay. Surely I should at least have other features.

Hi @lyndsayscott32 and welcome to our community :deciduous_tree:

This is something we’re working on and making better. We’re going to be introducing smart prepay very soon and this will come with lots more app features. In particular for reviewing usage over time.

You can register your interest in smart prepay here: