App - daily v weekly view different price

In the Bulb app, I see a different price for yesterday, 1st April, depending on whether I am looking at the daily or weekly view. Daily view shows a total of 1.93, whilst weekly shows over 2.50 for the same day. Why is this? The biggest difference appears to be in gas, which takes up around 2/5 of the bill in the weekly view despite hardly being used

I was expecting to see the new serivce charges on my smart metre display on the 1st of april but stilll showing old tarriff prices? So i have no idea how much im paying which is of concern.

Hey @Gasguzzler and @Clevs121 Thanks both for your posts.

Apologies the price was not reflected on your IHD, we can assure you the change did go ahead which will reflect on your bills and we are working to ensure your IHD or display reflects these soon if not already.

Carl :bulb: