App down for maintenance

Anyone any idea how long app is likely to be down for?

It probably isn’t. Try logging in to the website via a normal browser. If you can see only a link to this community and nothing else, then you have this problem and need to contact Bulb for an account reset.

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Hi, comes up the same either browser or app?

Website is working for me via Firefox.

Have tried chrome and the app. Both say sorry app down for maintenance or words to that effect. Not the best start for me, a new customer and cant get on to account! :persevere:

Sounds like you’ll need to contact Bulb then. I’d suggest giving the live webchat a try right now before they close. Don’t email, you wont get a response for weeks.

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Was looking for the live chat, but cant locate it?

See: Submit a request – Bulb

Thanks, ill try that :+1:

hi, i am having the same issue. Tried clearing data and cache and restarting but still the same

Hey @jo33king thanks for posting and welcome to Bulb Community.

We should be able to get you access to your account again, but I can’t find your Bulb Account from your Community one. Please could you email or message us on our help chat and one of the team will be able to assist you