App for supplying meter readings

I forgot to mention a neat app that Good Energy has, which makes it easier to deal with “all those b… meter readings” (© me at our last meeting…)! You simply use it to tap in your readings, which get automatically transmitted to their head office. The app also has a handy torch button.

Definitely a great idea @willmow, and creating a cool app is something that’s definitely on our to do list. The torch is a great addition too. We were thinking that maybe we’d have a feature that can read the meter for you, so you only have to take a photo of it and then you’re all done.

In the meantime, we put a lot of effort into making our site work just as well on mobile as it does on desktop. So if you have any thoughts on making the site better too, please shout.

Well doh silly me: I hadn’t thought of accessing the website on my mobile while in the darkest corner of my cellar to read the meters! It works great. One quickie, though, which has nowt to do with Bulb per se: on my iPhone 6, how do I get my username and password to autopropagate on e.g. the MyBulb page like it does on my laptop? At the moment I have to complete the lines manually.

No worries!

On your iPhone; open the Settings app, tap Safari, tap Passwords & Autofill, turn on “Names and Passwords” if you haven’t already, tap Saved Passwords and add in Bulb as a new one if you haven’t already got it.

I’m more of an Android man myself, so I can’t test this out on my phone, so let me know if you have trouble with it.

Brill, thanks. Just to confirm, it’s actually:
Go to Settings, tap Safari, tap Autofill and turn on “Names and Passwords”

Ah excellent. Glad it’s sorted for you now!

I usually take a photo on to take meter readings. Saves me being a contortionist in my meter cupboard. The flash acts as a torch. The British Gas app also features App submission and a torch, but I’ll be gone in a week ! :slight_smile: