App idea - “Difference” column on Usage page

Hi there.

Wasn’t sure if there was an official place to submit ideas for the App but I think it would be really useful if there was a “Difference” column on the Usage page for both gas and electric next to the readings you have provided. So you can see quickly the difference in units between each reading. I submit readings monthly so be useful to quickly see how usage changes.

Much more useful than the “Type” column that has always said “Customer” for me.


Hi @Nick052,

Welcome to the community, and absolutely this is the place to submit ideas for the app.

I’ve just looked at the app on my phone to double check and yes I can see what you mean about there being a type option, but no difference between each reading. That would be useful to quickly see how much you’ve used between readings.

The type is to show if the reading came from the customer or was estimated by us (when we didn’t receive a reading) so I guess if you’re not submitting reads each month it’s useful to know which came from you and which didn’t. But I’m in complete agreement that we should be highlighting the usage better there.

I’ll pass this onto the the app team and let you know what I hear back :vulcan_salute:

That’s great cheers. Even if it was an additional column and you had to scroll across to view it, I think that would still be useful.