App losing readings

Is anyone else having same issue as me in that I have to log on to the web page for BULB via my mobile as the app only displays electric reading I have added and not the gas and electric ? I have phoned in and had to have this changed already but see it happening every time I enter readings. The app is very clunky and basic unlike previous service provider apps I’ve utlised before

Not used the app but the web interface did exactly the same with my gas reading.

Hi im also experiencing the same problem. The electric is displayed but no gas despite numerous attempts since the 28th December. I don’t want this estimated going into winter please can someone advise. Thanks

I’ve had 2 gas readings in December disappear, the most recent on the 30th December was fully accepted and used for my monthly bill. I wonder if there was some issue with the third party used for processing the gas readings.

Thanks everyone, we have all your readings.
Gas readings sometimes take a while to show due to a recent change in the way the gas industry is dealing with readings. Gas readings now go through an industry-wide validation process. Just to check they look okay.

This means it might take a little longer to show up in your account. But don’t worry, we’ve got it.