App monthly usage off the scale!

Hi, so i just switched to bulb on sept22nd.
When i joined i was estimated £70 a month and have paid 1 payment of £69 and supplied initial meter readings. I have yet to supply my 2nd reading so why does the app say £482 monthly usage!!! How can i even have a monthly usage yet? Not a great start or filling me with confidence.

Hi @tigger101,

We’re sorry for any confusion over your payments - your estimate of £70 a month is still accurate, and there’s no need to increase your payments.

During your switch to Bulb, we received your yearly consumption from your previous supplier. We used this to generate your ‘estimated usage’, as we didn’t have enough meter readings to do it ourself. I can see that your previous supplier has sent over some usage data which is clearly too high, so I’ve just corrected that for you.

Please let me know if you have any more queries about this.

It is still showing £404 in the app…

Well it did change to £70 but is now £404.92! what is going on?!?

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