App no longer showing energy use

My bulb app has suddenly stopped showing energy use. It has worked brilliantly for at least 6 months.
Then after the 30th of January nothing, the usage graphs are just blank. I’ve also checked on the website no usage data on there either.
What has happened, I could really do with this data so I know how much energy is being used.

Morning, I have exactly the same issue. I can see my usage on the IHD, but not the app or website. Bulb are not responding to my queries.

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Out of interest, did either of you have your meters upgraded recently? My app stopped reporting usage at the same time that my meter received a remote upgrade.

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How would i know if its been upgraded ? In any event, its not eveneighteen months old.

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I got an email from Bulb on 25/11/2021 telling me. It was a software update which routed the readings the meter sends via the central service which means that any supplier can read the information.
Ever since then, my readings in the usage chart disappeared which implies to me that the chart is still getting its data from the old place which is no longer getting updated.
It may just be a coincidence……

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No still the same smart meter I’ve had for about 2 years. No software update just stopped showing any information on the app and website.

Hey all,

Sorry to hear your smart usage on the app has stopped working

We can understand how important this is to get sorted, we know at the moment these would be beneficial to keep an eye on what you are spending.

Our usage graphs have been in beta for a while so we have looked into upgrading these and furthermore we are aware some of the smart meters are still connected to the older network. This old network does mean you wont benefit from the new tech from the new one and with the 2nd generation upgrade it will ensure your usage can be seen even if you left us.

If you currently have a 2nd generation meter and the usage graphs have disappeared, we are still working on improving these too.

Going forward, any accounts effected will have been logged and our smart team are working for a fix on this as soon as possible which we hope is within the next few months.

–Carl :bulb:

Strange I got electricity usage ( showing one the app) for electricity only yesterday but nothing for gas weird???