App not connecting to IHD Smart meter

My Smart Meter lost connecting to my app around mid May. I used to get regular updates from my app about low credit, but now I have to wait for the update to fail and enter a code each time.

Each time I load the app I get a message saying “You’ll see your balance soon”.

I did lodge a request with bulb support but didn’t hear anything after initial contact.

I’ve tried uninstalling the app and restarting my IHD and WiFi, but nothing seems to work! Has anyone had any luck in getting it working again?

Hey @Reurb and welcome to the community :wave:

It looks like your communications hub is sending an error to us which is preventing any top ups from loading directly onto the meter. I have requested a communications hub reboot for you. This can take 4-5 weeks but this should fix the issue.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi Robyn,

I’m still having the exact same issue, is there anything else we can do to try and fix this?

Many thanks