App not showing daily usage

Can anyone advise when the app will be updated to start showing daily usage again? Mines not been showing since 21st March. Not had a problem with this before. Thanks


Mine not showing gas usage. All gone to shit since administration.


Hi @mchbean & @stacandy :wave:

Sorry to hear that your apps are not showing your daily usage anymore. We are aware of this issue, and our tech team are working on a solution currently. You should still be able to view your usage on the Bulb Account for the time being, via the energy usage page.

-Luke :bulb:

Mine hasnt shown any usage since 16th feb when yet again my bill was all wrong yet again

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. No, there’s nothing showing since 21st on my account page either. I’m also now concerned that you’re not getting electricity meter readings. I can see that a gas one was sent yesterday, but no electric. It also wouldn’t let me submit meter readings manually and told me to send an email, which I’ll do this morning as it was 23:40 last night before I was able to access my account. I took photos which are time stamped, so hopefully that will suffice to prevent being overcharged.
If you could confirm my meter is still working correctly I’d appreciate it.
Thank you.


Mine shows usage but bulb won’t accept my meter readings as they think I still have my old meter. The smart meter doesn’t seem to communicate with them at all, despite me trying to tell them. Bulb haven’t accepted a reading or even estimated since November 2021, and haven’t billed me since then, although my DD has continued to be taken and I have accrued a lot of credit, yet upon sending loads of photos of my readings computer says no

They keep saying IT will sort it but they don’t.
You need some IT specialists to sort this out


I’ve had my smart meter since last July and its never worked properly. Still not doing daily readings despite messages to support and promises of it working soon. They now just ignore my messages. Can’t wait to leave

Same with mine - just noticed it this morning. Now concerned that the meter is not being read.

My app hasn’t shown my electricity usage since December.
Where are you on fixing this issue?


My app hasn’t shown any gas usage at all since February . Electric shows some usage but not the actual cost . I have contacted you numerous times . First was told they are upgrading the 1st generation smart meters. Then was told this was wrong and my meters have fallen off the network !! I really need to be able to see what I’m using . I’ve emailed about this also , and would appreciate a reply.


I can’t see my daily amount (£) of gas/Electric either on the app or on my British Gas Display Hub.
Any ideas? I think this really bad considering the Energy Crisis!

I’m having the same problem. Been trying since 4th Jan to get Electric usage in the app. Only gas is showing. They customer support have just passed me around, with no solution.

With this new cap rise it’s important to know daily usage for me to be able to use less electric and be able to afford my bill.

Mine has never shown daily gas usage, I have been one to them but just get the standard “we are looking into it” reply but do nothing.

Electricity not showing readings since 5th March. Gas showing daily readings. Why can I only see £usage, not Volume/ KWh usage? I wany to control my USAGE, not £

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Also why does it only show the latest month? What happened to looking at the last year/s for comparison?

Mines not been working since February 21st - when my meter was updated. I’m now getting tentative gas readings (sometimes averaged - sometimes not) but no electric ones. I have spoken to team (twice) who reassured me this would be fixed by March bill (it wasn’t). How long does it take an IT team to fix? and as someone who is trying to monitor their fuel usage I’m finding it all VERY frustrating


Yes Ive had exactly the same response. Totally agree

Same here. My in home display gas usage has frozen and shows a reading from 4 days ago and no usage on the app or website for the past 3 days. :rage:

Can only see Gas use on, App and customer service just keep telling me to go to we page to view electricity their or view on my non-existent IHD (Which they know I do not have!)