App not showing daily usage

Seems to be a known issue which is IT team is “working on”.

I just phoned the Customer Services up, asking why I can only see Gas usage (not Electric) in the app. They said that “it’s a known issue”, but they have no idea when it will be resolved.

It’s shocking as any other provider will let you see the 30mins usage for Electric. But Bulb has no idea when it will be fixed.

Their SmartThings usage is broken entirely too.

We need this more than ever Bulb, as the prices are so hard to afford now! It’s the least you can do to help us understand how to reduce our bills after the cap has gone up.

I bet they let a lot of their IT team go when they went into admin. Hence why it cannot be fixed. But here we are trying to afford these bills.

If I could move company, then I would. OVO, EDF, EOn, Octopus, British Gas, etc etc all manage to show hourly usage in their apps.


That’s the problem right there.

They know we can’t change suppliers at the moment and that’s why they aren’t panicking to find a fix.

Typical Bulb. :rage:


We still can’t see anything. This has an urgent need to be fixed. We don’t want your standard replies. We want to control our consumption, and we need it NOW.


Mine isn’t showing anything. Can anyone answer what’s going on . I’ve spoken to someone a few weeks back. They said it would be sorted . Can’t change suppler so it makes me feel uneasy.

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My IHD seems to needs to be reset on a frequent basis, i.e. remove from power, let the battery drain and start again to get readings displayed. The Bulb app on my phone hasn’t shown any gas readings for weeks, and the same on the web pages. Moving to a “smart” meter seems to have been a mistake as at least with me providing monthly readings I know they were accurate. A shock this morning to see a bill for nearly £1000 as a result of mis-calculations seemingly from the date of instalment of the “smart” meters, and although there were numerous credits to offset this, I am now nowhere near the £250 or so credit that I expected. I understand that the short term price of gas has crashed to pre-covid levels. I wonder how soon this will be reflected in our bills?

In the meantine, has anyone moved elsewhere, Octopus, for example, since Bulb went bust, and what was your experience?

I havent been able to look at usage since january! Its so unfair how they can hide this wrong you. Ive just spoken to some 1 and they said they will let the app team know! Then i saw all these comments on how its affecting alot of people. 1 month my bill is £ 150+ and the next its £185. But they want my min payment £225. I just dont know what i am using and then having the bill in the statement shoved in my face. Im sure im using less then what i am paying! Bulb its not hard to fix an app. Numerous people are compling and its been happening for months now!

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Mines not worked since i had it . Also … my smart things app is not connecting as its saying guid number not recognised…

Hi everyone :wave:

Sorry to hear that your apps are not showing your daily usage anymore. We are aware of this issue, and our tech team are still working on a solution currently. You should still be able to view your usage on the Bulb Account for the time being, via the energy usage page .


Jenny :star:

That’s what’s not working… the energy usage on the app… I can’t see anything since 3rd april

The energy usage page doesn’t work either!

My energy usage is not showing on the app since mid May. I checked that I have the latest version of the app. I have a 2nd generation smart meter. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Hi @Raich :wave: Welcome to Community :partying_face:

I have taken a look through your account and your smart meters have lost connection to the communications hub. This is what allows the meters to communicate with Bulb, this has stopped the readings reading us and so the usage graphs have stopped as well.

I have requested we reboot the communications hub but this can take 5 weeks so we need to be patient with this. Please keep an eye on the readings and the graphs to see if they start working again.

– KT :bulb:

Seems that we are all in same boat I’m new to bulb as I’ve only moved in here a month ago. Total shambles so far. Wish I could have kept my previous supplier. No idea how much my gas is (or if my electricity is accurate right now). No meter readings showing my end to even work it out myself. Tried chat but always at least 30 people before me. Noone has time for that.

Thank you very much for looking into it. I will keep checking for updates.