App not showing Daily/Weekly/Monthly usage

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I have recently had smart meters installed and the app works fine for doing something like topping up, but there’s no section to see current and past usage, and I see no way to access it.

Hi @connor_aaron_spring and welcome to the community :partying_face:

As you are a Smart Pay as you Go customer, the app will not give you this data. You simply top up as and when you need.

The only way to track your usage this way would be via your In Home Display unit. Did you receive one of these during installation?

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Hi @Robyn_at_Bulb,

Ahh okay that makes sense I guess, I do have the Home Display unit, was just wondering If i could view it in the app also but thats fine!

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Hi Conner
I’m not familiar with SPAYG but they should have installed it with a IHD6.
You might be able to use smartthings to get historical energy use on your phone.
I’m not able to link you, but searching “smartthings bulb” should lead you to it.

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Hi @connor_aaron_spring (and @izzyhunt ) :wave:

Did you manage to get to grips with your IHD?

As Izzy mentioned, if you are a Samsung customer you can link your IHD to their SmartThings App.

Here is a general guide to the app and also a guide on how to set up the app.

Let me know if you need any help with this!

Ele :sunny: