App not updating since 14th Nov

Anyone else having a problem with the app not updating since the 14th? Wondering if this is to do with the smart meter update last week

I’ve got the same issue. The 14th is the last date that I’ve got energy usage showing in the app and in the Energy Usage chart when I sign into My Account on the website.
The IHD is still talking to the smart meter and showing me my daily consumption.
Anyone know if this is a “known problem” that is being worked on?

Yes, I’m also having the same problem. The display is working fine, but nothing shows on the app or website…

Hey @the1mag @lammy @Beth - thank you for taking the time to post on community. I’m really sorry for the delayed response - we put a hold on the community site for a couple of weeks as we’ve been really busy.

Are you still experiencing issues with your usage showing up in your Bulb account? If so, please let us know and we can look into it. There has been an ongoing issue, unfortunately, and it’s something I know the team is working on. - Miriam

It seems to be fine now thanks Miriam

It seems to have been resolved this week - your colleague Trenette has been helping me get it sorted.
Many thanks

Yes working for me too now.

Awesome, glad to hear it’s working for you @Beth @the1mag @lammy! :slight_smile:

I’m still having the same issue. Can anyone help hiwbthey got theirs working again? I hunt got a IHD so I’ve bo idea what I’ve used

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Hi @Hippyh,

Thanks for your post! And welcome to community :wave:

I can see your gas smart meter is working fine and we are receiving readings through, however, the electricity we haven’t had a read since the 1.12.21. Are you able to send a reading through for me to upload for you?

I can see the usage graph is only showing up until the 14th of December.

I have updated your smart meter setting to send every half an hour. Hopefully this will prompt it to update. Please let me know if this doesn’t change in the next few weeks.

– Daisy :bulb:

I have had someone say they have updated it already but I cant see the usage still.
I’m in bad health so struggle to bend to the meter and move the wooden radiator cover which I’d why its so important I can see my usage. I’m worried about the heating and trying not to have heating it on while I can’t see my usage yet the weather is getting very cold.
It was always set to every half hour and was when I checked it earlier today.

I’m sorry to hear that @Hippyh. It takes a few days to see if the change to ‘half hourly’

Would you like me to arrange for someone to come round to take a reading for you?

From the things you’ve mentioned, it may be worthwhile looking into our Priority Services Register (PSR).

This is available to members who need assistance due to their personal circumstances. For example, if you’re aged over 60, live with a child under 5 years old, or have a disability or health problem.

Depending on your situation we can:

  • offer extra support during emergencies and power cuts
  • arrange to send your statements in a more accessible format
  • add another name to your account to help you manage your energy
  • offer extra help to read your meter

These free extra services are designed to give you peace of mind, and make sure help is available if you need it. Visit your Bulb Account to find out more.

We might be able to look at getting your meter moved, so you are able to access it easier.

– Daisy :bulb:

I am already listed as far as I was aware. When i moved I rang to make sure it was moved to me new address and taken off my previous address.
The account was always on half hourly, unless the person i spoke to today on chat did it wrong.
It’s still no showing usage and my big concern is not knowing how much I’m using.

I wanted smart meters so I dint have to give meter readings, is it faulty?

Hi @Hippyh

Your meter is not faulty. We have recently updated the smart network which has affected the usage charts. We are working on this and should have this updated shortly.

– Robyn :bulb:

Do how much i have been told is right and wrong!
Four people have told me different things.
Other i know are having no issues so why just me!

Hi @Hippyh

I’m sorry to hear that you have been told multiple different things, but I have checked with my smart team who have advised the above.

– Robyn :bulb:

It’s been a week now. I’ve no idea how much I’ve used and worried .
When will this be resolved?

Hi @Hippyh :wave:

I’m afraid there’s an error on usage graphs at the moment for SMETS1 meters that have recently been enrolled onto the smart network. The smart team are still working on fixing this but unfortunately I don’t have a date yet for when it will be fixed.

I appreciate it’s really frustrating, so thank you for your patience.

– Meg :bulb:

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Not quire a solution is it!
I have no IHD so no clue what my bill is! It worked for mo the so why did it stop!

Hi @Hippyh

I’m sorry we don’t have a date yet for when it will be fixed, but as soon as we do we’ll let you know.

– Meg