App not working any longer and top ups on my key meter not working

I had a smart meter installed a couple of months ago and it was working well apart from the IHD which was unable to connect, now my top ups are not going through and I have to enter the code manually every time, also now my app appears to think I have just joined and says welcome and it will be up and running soon, whats happenning?

Hi, welcome to the Bulb Community :partying_face:

There are various reasons why this could happen, unfortunately, I can’t get access to your account to give you a specific reason. It could be that your in-home display has dropped off the HAN (Home Area Network), there is a fix you can run for that problem.

Can you please fill in this form: Bulb account

Once you’ve sent that in we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working within 24 hours.
Make sure you keep your IHD turned on and within 5m of your electricity meter overnight and restart it in the morning if nothing has changed.

If this doesn’t work, please try following the steps in your Bulb account again on a different date (the fix sometimes works the second time). If it’s still not working after 2 attempts, let us know. :bulb:


Thank you, I have done all of these things several times and re-started the IHD many times also, it was re started again yesterday morning but still doesn’t show balance or usage, it says connection lost, it has been updated overnight twice which I was assured would fix the problem and it didn’t change anything, the ihd says connection lost

Have followed all of your instructions and the IHD is still not showing any data at all, it still says connection lost

Hi @JAMarshall :wave:

I have taken a look at your account and can see that there is a connection issue with the meter. I have requested we reboot the communications system which can help to reestablish the connection.

This can take up to 5 weeks to work but once that happens your top-ups should load through as normal again.

–KT :bulb: