App not working ,,for electric

Hi all…does anyone know what might be wrong with the app was working fine till last week now it does not register electric usage ,have re downloaded it but still just reads the gas ,thanks ,

Hi @ttrev ,

Welcome to community :wave:t4:, thank you for posting.

I have sent over a follow up email so can you please reply back and we can take a look into this further for you.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi suki not sure how to send a picture here and e mail didn’t seem to work,

Mines the same. Software update on smets 1 meter has killed my electric meter readings which is odd considering the gas sends its usage to the electricity meter via the wan/han.

Hi still just getting gas readings no electricity readings.

Hi @ttrev

I just checked over your account and can see Suki sent you an email to the address listed against your account, could you please check your inbox and junk for this ? If you send a reply over to her she can take a look into your account, or if you could send one over to


Ok will try to send …also can you tell me when my next bill date is as its normally the 13th of each month. Thanks

Hey @ttrev

That’s correct - your next statement will be issued on 13th April.

– Robyn :bulb: