App om tablets

I use an iPad but cannot log into the account on the app. When adding the email address the keyboard is active and covers the log in with password option. There is no facility to remove the keyboard so I can only request an email password reset.
Phone is ok but maybe time to have tablet app rather than trying to use the phone app on the tablet.
Also, why doesn’t user name save when adding the password so you have to enter username, then password- then username again because the app has forgotten the user name.
Bonkers folks. We expect better than this.

If the symptoms you describe happen, type your password first, then username. I keep logged into my app, so the login is only needed once.

Like TheValleys I stay logged in and therefore do not have the signing in problem. How I signed in the first time, I cannot remember. I don’t recall an issue.

Think more broadly about tablets, I was wonder if the app could be designed for a tablet, able to look at the information in landscape mode. Would that then open up the possibility for the app to support some of the desktop detail, such as the graph for historical and projected usage?

Thanks for your thoughts @MagicLixwm

I’ve given this over to our Bulb account team to have a think about. We’ve created some designs for the historical and projected energy use graphs so we can think about how this could look in a tablet too.

Since Johns post, this should be fixed so logging in to Bulb account on a tablet is easier :slight_smile:

Yup. All fixed