App saying cant top up

My app has been working well, then this week its saying we’ll let you know when you can top up, this is has been 4 days now so I’m unable to top up now!!
I’ve tried the chat, waste of time, ringing,.couldn’t get through to anyone! Anyone able to help please.

Hi @Julie1975

We’ve temporarily paused top ups in the Bulb Account as there was a tech bug our team has been fixing. It should be back up and running today but in case it’s not you should still be able to top up if you pop down to your local shop and top up there :relaxed:


As I am already on emergency, and I do not have a card to top up with, please can you advise on what I am meant to do if I run out electric if the app is not fixed by this point, as it will probably be running out soon!!
Thank you

Good afternoon @Julie1975

In that case I’d strongly advise you call us on 0300 303 0635 so you get through to our emergency team who should be able to help :phone:

You can also email and someone will help as soon as possible :email: