app / website not working


Have been trying to get on to the app / website for about 2 weeks but it just doesn’t load. It logs in but then nothing happens. Have deleted the app and reinstalled several times but it’s still the same Have also done all the updates on my phone. Tried then logging on on laptop but it just does the same - logs in but then the page is blank and nothing happens! Any ideas?!


Hi! I have sent you an email which hopefully explains things :slight_smile:

I have tried logging in this morning to update my payment details. Also tried the app. Cannot login via the website, just getting a spinning green line, and the app is displaying no details. Have tried with two browsers and made sure that the app is up-to-date.
What’s going on?

Hello - I’m having the same issues. Trying to submit a meter reading, but the sign in screen doesn’t work. It just loads, and nothing happens. Any ideas please?? Thanks, Sally

Same problem, app and website both not working for me when trying to submit meter readings, this needs sorted Bulb! Too many people having same problem

Hi there! Apologies for the brief outage, everything should be back to normal right now.

Looks like you have the issue back (or never really fixed last week?). Allowing users to log in, but then presented with a blank screen. Same issue on Mac, iPad & Windows 10 (Chrome & Edge Browsers).

Any update on the problem? Mentioned 01/04 (no, it wasn’t an April fool prank), still nothing early 04/04.

@Ward The issue with your account is slightly different. It seems like you have switch away from us which means the account won’t be available past this date.

OK, thanks for the update, but now how do I get my closing bill and how and when will I be getting back what you owe me?

Hi @Ward - we’ll send your final bill when we receive your final meter readings from your new supplier. We haven’t received those yet and we’re not able to issue a final bill until we do (to make sure you don’t get doubly charged) but we’ll refund any leftover credit when we send that final bill.

It can take up to 6 weeks to get your final bill, but it depends when we get the necessary info.

Hope that helps,

New to Bulb but seem to been a problem with the Android app. I have logged into my account but it just sits there with the Icon spinning around. Website I can log into in fact just submitted my first readings, so whats wrong with the app?
Will look forward to your reply

Hi I am also having problems - the website is extremely slow or just responds with error message that my account cannot be found - then it finds my account but the buffering circle just keeps turning for ages - i cant submit meter readings - very disappointed with the bulb web site

Hi, @kimekins thanks for getting in touch. Bulb account is currently down at the moment, sorry for any inconvenience. It should be right as rain in the morning though, but please let us know if there’s anything we can help with.

Hi, @kimekins Bulb account’s back up and running, please let us know if there’s anything we can help with or if you’re still having any problems.

The only bulb page that opens for me today is the one when you want to apply to move your account to them. From the page sent me today to send in my first meter reading, and from the bulb home page, ‘help’ failed to open multiple times over 90 minutes. I tried starting again from the e-mail link, and I tried new google searches. Unhelpfully, advice found on google search was ‘e-mail and phone number are on help page’ - but the help page won’t open.
I finally got to this community page by looking on search engine for reports of app failures. Not encouraging. I am a new customer, transfer due to complete 15 May.
Please, bulb, make the opening page of your help page small and swift so that it downloads as quickly as your ‘switch to bulb’ page. Then the detail can open later as you move through help.

Hi, I am unable to submit meter readings online. The website is very slow, and whenever I submit the meter reading value, the process stalls (with the green circle). Tried with two browsers, none worked. This is disappointing.

Hi @Francesbulb_1
We do try and make our pages as small and switch as possible, we track the time taken to load the website and if there are issues across the board, we do everything we can to resolve them.

We have had a few problems recently with speed and reliability of the website which have been very swiftly cleared up.

@Rede10 The reads did come through to us, but I do appreciate you should have had a much simpler experience. We’ll continue improving things our side on this front.

App is not working, needs sorting.

Hi @Retrosteve_2 ,

Bulb do seem to be having a few technical issues but they should be resolved according to @“Rob at Bulb” at .

I’d say try again later, but if you’ve tried a while and keep hitting problems, I would say contact Bulb at just to check things.