I have been trying to get in to my account to give a meter reading for about 3 weeks - the app says it is down for maintenance constantly and the website just has a green circle constantly spinning - I need help please !

You’ll need to contact Bulb to ask about this. Us fellow customers can’t sort out whatever is wrong with your account.

As it happens, there is a problem specifically this morning, but if you’ve had trouble for the last 3 weeks then something else must be wrong.

I’ve submitted readings 30th May and today 3rd June and had no problems through the App.

@Robyn1234 I have tried to log in to your account and from our side it appears to be working fine. Could you try again, I wonder if it is an issue with your browser, could you try again, or try in incognito mode if you use Google Chrome.

Let us know if you still have issues.