Is anyone having problems signing into the app signed in on phone but tells me network request failed

No problems for me on Android - what type of phone are you running (Android/iOS [Apple])?

Network request failed usually means either you don’t have internet access (I know I’ve set many apps to ‘Use Wifi only’ to conserve my mobile data usage: but it does mean that if my wifi is down/I’m out the house and try and access them, they’ll fail like that) or that Bulb’s systems are having a hiccup - but they are usually back within an hour.

Are you still having problems?

Hi there @Marje that doesn’t sound good! If you’re still having trouble, is there any chance you could let me know what phone and software version you’re using, and whether you have the latest version of the app, I can ask our tech guys to take a look at it for you. You could email those details to if you’d rather not put them on a public forum