Appalling customer service

Had been completely happy with Bulb since joining in 2018. Gave my monthly readings and all good. Noticed in January they had switched back on my previous smart meter and were taking readings this way. Electricity fine but Gas reading didn’t match my display and it took weeks for them to work out my reading was z hidden reading in the meter. After weeks of me calling and emailing and trying to sort issue I was given a phone call to explain my smart meter was now on a National basis so they could read it and I was promised no issues going forward. Surprise…next month no bill and a estimated reading for the gas which was way above what it actually was and dispute me sending another email and speaking to them on the phone all the has happened is they’ve backed out all my usage since 2018 and put back the usage again so at one point I was over £4,000 in credit…no contact to explain what has gone wrong again and I have now messages sent which haven’t been replied to. They just fob you off with a £5 credit on your account…insulting!!!

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We are sorry to hear about the negative experience you’ve had. I can see that you have a complaint open with my colleague and they are going to be dealing with the complaint to try and come to a resolution.

They will get back to you as soon as they can with an update.