Application for Energy support fund

Hi I applied a couple of months ago for the energy support fund. I was accepted for it last year. But I have not heard anything this time around. Is it still going a head as I am unemployed and currently finding it hard to get a job. So I am in credit at the moment but will struggle to pay for my energy in the near future. Help

Hi @michedea51 :bulb:

I can see you applied for the Bulb Energy Support Fund in February and received the payment. But applications for the fund this year are now closed.

I think the Warm Home Discount may be of interest to you though, it’s a grant of £140 that is paid into your Bulb Account. You can use the above link to check your eligibility and apply.

From what you mentioned it also might be beneficial for you to sign up to our Priority Service Register , it’s a free service that will help us better tailor our support for you.

Let me know how you get on with the Warm Home Discount and if you have any more queries

Ele :bulb:

Yes but I applied for this winters one. I have already tried to apply for the Warm Home discount. Unfortunately not eligible for it.

Hi @michedea51

Okay I see.

Do you remember when abouts you made the application? I can’t see any record of it on our records but I can try and chase it down.

Ele :bulb:

It was sometime in September but I checked my emails and unfortunately I didn’t get a confirmation. Can I try again in in January/Feb?

I’m sorry to hear that you are not eligible this time round @michedea51

It might be worth checking this article to see why you are not eligible: Apply now for the Warm Home Discount | Blog | Bulb

If anything changes, you can try applying again.

Let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy I just checked it. When I clicked on apply it doesn’t ask me to fill any details in or ask for any evidence it just says I am not eligible even though I am unemployed and I get Universal credit and also Council tax reduction. Which says is the criteria needed to accepted for it. I don’t know if it is taking into my old details when I applied for it a couple of years ago.