Are Bulb always this bad?

We’ve been with bulb at this house for a month. Service the last time we used them was great. This time it’s dire. Since we moved in:

  • they’ve taken 7-14 days to respond to emails
  • I have one outstanding query that’s been live for three weeks
  • they’ve closed my account by accident and sent me a final bill
  • cut off access to my account and all bills
  • set up account again but still not access to account and bills, including app and online
  • I asked to change my DD date and they assured me another one wouldn’t be taken this month, it would be next month - today I get an email to say collection will be in three days

I can’t contact them via the app as I don’t have access.

They close at 6pm!!? Is this right or am I calling the wrong number.

Please reassure me these are just a bad run of issues and it isn’t always like this?

Customer service has been abysmal since the not so smart meter roll out.

Interesting. I am supposed to get one of those next week but I’m going to delay I think until things improve, or I switch.

I knew with a rushed government rollout it would be fraught with problems.

My catalyst for actually switching to bulb was an assumption from my previous supplier that I wanted one and they’d booked me an appointment without consulting me.

I get the handiness of a smart meter but the glaring issue for ne is there is now a way of remotely switching off supply, what if a flaw was found in the security?

I’ve delayed mine until the last available date and will make a decision then I think. I do want a new meter as my gas meter is in my office and has a horrible squeak. I know I can’t get an old style one so it is a case of squeak or smart…

Hi Nicola, This is not the Bulb I joined 18 months ago who were friendly, responsive and really made you feel they cared. If you look at other blog posts, people have been complaining about poor or no responses to queries for 3 months now and their prices are now very high, from being the cheapest only a few months ago. This looks to me like a company going south very quickly. I have switched to People’s Energy which has a similar ethos to the old Bulb, and is £220 per year cheaper!


I’m the same as you Geoff, been with Bulb for over 2 years and they were great. Now they don’t respond and my bills keep getting more expensive. Did you get the smart meter that doesn’t work? That was my mistake, don’t know where I stand with it if I switch though.

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Hi Pinkrat, no I did go to apply for one but I didn’t have the requisite clearance above the meter so didn’t proceed. Sounds like it’s been a bit of a disaster.

You’re lucky, I have no idea how much electric I’m using now.

Thanks for the tip re People’s Energy. I shall take a look.

@nicolag Take a look at too.

They are much cheaper than Bulb, have excellent reviews on Trustpilot, and also have good green credentials.


I have just looked at green energy and entered my previous 12 months annual energy usage in kWh and… they were £425 more expensive than Bulb. Out of interest I assume you entered your annual usage in kWh to find out that they are “much” cheaper than Bulb?

It seems that, yes, Bulb ARE always this bad. I had a smart meter fitted in June (no problems before then) and am still getting requests for a reading from my old meter and since I can’t give them I am getting estimates for my usage which are getting more and more inaccurate as time goes on. My login page even says “Woohoo, you have a smart meter” so the system knows it’s there. I have written three emails and used their web communication page on two occasions since the end of September – I have yet to receive any reply whatsoever.

Bulb is too big too quick and customer support is hopeless as a result.

Hi @Allanr

My overall saving with is just in excess of £150 per year (that’s green (dot) energy … not to be confused with some other companies which also have “green” in their name, eg greenenergyuk).

This is based on my actual kWh usage for both gas and electricity.
I’m in the Midlands area and my rates on the Oak Tariff are:-

Gas: 3.189p/kWh, 10p/day

Electricity: 12.354p/kWh, 15p/day

All inclusive of VAT

It seems weird that your quote is so much higher. Which tariff have you been quoted on?

I’m pretty sure @Allanr has got confused between greenenergyuk and, as you suggest. The Oak tariff is also the cheapest dual fuel tariff for me with similar savings of over £150 per year compared to Bulb. However, most of the saving comes from gas, and I’ve managed to achieve a higher saving by switching my gas supply to and keeping my electric on the Bulb smart tariff.

Hi @nicolag,

I’m sorry that we weren’t able to help you as quickly as we would have liked. I can see that you called in yesterday morning and we’ve managed to resolve the issue with your account. Let me know if there’s anything else that you need a hand with.

@pinkrat70 and @Moorsman - please could you drop me a message with your current meter reading so I can update your billing? I’ve made a couple of manual changes to your account, so you’ll now be able to take meter readings from the actual meter and submit them as normal through your Bulb Account.

@pinkrat70 We’re currently sending out emails to our members where we believe we can remotely commission their smart meter - you should expect to see one of these emails soon. If this doesn’t work, we can book a job and send someone around to commission the meter. However, right now, we’re focusing on remote commissioning where we can.

@Moorsman, it looks like your smart meter has already been commissioned. Your next bill should include this month’s smart reading - but let me know if there are any issues with that.


You are quite correct I selected the wrong supplier. Having now sought a quote from and entered my actual previous 12 months annual usage (in kWh) their Oak tariff is by a strange coincidence £151 cheaper than Bulb.

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I used bulb in my old property and they were great and cheap for a 3 bedroom house full of students. I have now moved to a 1 bed flat and my bulb bills are coming in at almost four times the cost, and increasing rapidly. I’ve emailed them at least 10 times and no response has been given. I’ve been submitting meter readings regularly to no effect, they are not being reflected in my charges, I am scared to use my heating even though it seems I’m being charged for 3 times the gas I was two months ago, and I’m not using heating because my bills are already £230 a month without heat. I don’t know what to do, as if I switch surely I’ll lose all the money bulb have taken from me already. Help anyone?

The first question to ask is where is the problem. The meter readings you’re taking, are they looking normal and showing a normal expected amount of energy usage? From what you’ve written above, it sounds like that is the case and the problem is purely with getting Bulb to accept the readings properly and bill from them? In which case you can stop worrying about putting the heating on, because you know the meters are working correctly and it’s just an admin problem which will get resolved eventually.

You say you’ve emailed 10 times with no response. Have you tried phoning them? Or perhaps using live chat if you don’t like using the phone? I think at this point getting some real time communication going will help rather than relying on email.