Are Bulb lying about monthly payments?

I found this link in which Bulb talk about being sometimes in debit and sometimes in surplus and in which they airily talk about either making a top up or requesting a refund. All very relaxed and no mention of huge hikes in monthly DD or two months’ worth of ‘winter buffer’ which, incidentally, were made no mention of before, during or after my sign up.

I am now terrified of Bulb forcing huge rises in DD on me which I will not be able to pay. I thought the idea, as well as saving money here, was that your payments are spread evenly throughout the year. It seems Bulb have been economical with the truth about how payments are made and, indeed, taken.

Are Bulb lying about monthly payments?


You can log into your account and set your direct debit to be whatever you want.

So long as you aren’t in a huge amount of debt it wont be a problem.

Then why are people with large surpluses in their account having their DD increased?

Because the Bulb system is a bit off in calculating the estimated usage.

No one is having their DD increased. You are in control. You can set your DD to something else if you don’t agree with the suggestion. This is at least much easier than other suppliers, where to do the same thing you typically have to phone them up and beg for some rational price to be applied.