Are Bulb taking the piss?

I’ve just been told my prices are going up again. This is the 3rd price rise this year from Bulb, yes that’s right 3 price rises is less than 12 months! I’m disgusted with the way they are ripping me off and other customers. They also sent me an email with a blatant lie which i shall be reporting to the energy watch dog, saying they are still cheaper than the big six energy suppliers. Well not so, i went on Uswitch and British Gas are £30 a year cheaper and they offer free boiler breakdown cover as part of the deal and the price is fixed for 13 months, so no 3 price hikes in less than a year! so guess what i’m going to do next Bulb, you bunch of rip off merchants!

The comparison is with the big six standard tariffs, not their fixed rates. It’s very possible to get cheaper fixed rates from Bulb, however that means switching to another fixed rate in a year or so.

Notification of Price Increase September 2018
Electric increase of 6.78%.
Gas Price increase of 32.74%
I am sure everybody would agree with this

Hi @markdeakin - You’re free to leave if you are after a fixed rate tariff. We gave as much notice as we possibly could precisely so that our members could mull everything over. I hope you enjoy your time with British Gas.

The gas price increase right before it starts getting colder too… seems like a real scumbag move

Darren,enstroga,cheaper than bulb and fixed for the year!

Darren,enstroga,cheaper than bulb and fixed for the year!

Just looked at Trustpilot reviews for Enstroga UK (is this the same company you are mentioning), they seem to have a lot of warning keep away reviews.

It’s always a good idea to look around if you aren’t happy with our current prices, and I would always recommend checking reviews and so on as well as tariffs when you’re looking at switching (as Allanr is) to make see what other people think of a company. Best of luck with the hunt

I have had 3 price increases since February. Bulb want another £15 per month, even though I am £172 in credit. Moving back to Avro energy on a fixed tariff. Bye Bye Bulb

The prices have risen, they have risen throughout the sector. I and the whole of my family, are happy that we are using renewables and that bulb are transparent, honest and fair. May I suggest that sometimes, price rises are required but we are ALL with bulb for the long term benefit of the planet and not the short term gain of an incentive, shareholders and tickets to the latest crap concert. Bulb is for the long term and one in which the whole of the energy sector should be embracing. I am staying with bulb.

@Royboy999_dogs, it sounds like maybe you should just go and drop your monthly payments yourself in your Bulb account.
If you’ve only been with Bulb since February and you’ve racked up that much credit so far, dropping your payments by £10-15 would seem pretty likely to still get you through the winter, even with the price increases.

The automated systems pay no attention to how high your account credit is when alerting you of price rises, and until you’ve been with Bulb at least a couple of years, it’s unlikely to know how much energy you use better than you.

I rang bulb last time they raised my monthly payment as again I was still in credit. The guy I spoke with was quite rude. I said I didn’t want them to increase my payment, they said “well our computer isn’t normally wrong”. It made me feel that I was lying. I also told them that I had solar panels on my roof. It made no difference to bulb. However he agreed that he would keep my payment the same, until now. Thanks for you advice on this issue, however I have implemented my return to Avro

Hengeman my argument is not about saving the planet, I do my little bit by having solar panels on my roof. Electricity not used up by my family is fed directly into the national grid. Yes bulb say that 100% of their electricity is green and I have no doubt that it is, however on 10% of their gas is green. That calculates to 90% having to be acquired by other sources

Robboy - I’m sorry that my post may have been mis-interpreted. My village (In the middle of Salisbury Plain) has no mains gas and therefore I am slightly blinkered as to their gas credentials and only use Economy 7 for heating and expensive daytime electric for normal use. I am paying £110 and am on £100 credit, which I will use to prop up winter. I was with SSE and British Gas. I feel that bulb are cheaper, ethical, and will go further if we all give them a chance. Try going online and changing your monthly payments and if it’s still not what you are wanting, then it’s time to change. Kind Regards.

I’m really absolutely sick of having to call bulb every single month after the bill comes through because there’s a SHOCKING overpayment. I have lived in my 1 BEDROOM electric only flat since February (almost 5 months now) and I am now in debt with £211?! But when I call it’s because I’ve been paying less than I should have? Well no because I send bulb readings each month, working full time so I am very rarely even home and always cautious of keeping switches and appliances turned off. They said they’re adjusting to the right payment of £42 per month which is fine but today my bill comes to TRIPLE and now even more debt - get. it. right.
But when I ask about this I am made to believe it’s for a good reason. How? in 5 months of being with Bulb I have never missed a payment yet I am always in more debt with them every single month.

Also the whole ‘charging you extra through the summer to prepare for the winter’ is a complete joke. Let me guess, that debt I am meant to pay is for the winter bills? Jokers.


Have you thought about adjusting your direct debit amount yourself so that you are not grossly overpaying Bulb?

If you don’t want to build up a buffer to cover the possibly increase use of energy during the winter months, then the only requirement is that your account is in credit to cover one months advance payment.

Keeping on top of your account is easy peasy.

I'm really absolutely sick of having to call bulb every single month after the bill comes through because there's a SHOCKING overpayment. I have lived in my 1 BEDROOM electric only flat since February (almost 5 months now) and I am now in debt with £211?!

I don’t understand. If it’s a gross overpayment, how do you end up in debt? Could you be a bit more clear about exactly what is going on?

If you bill is based on actual meter readings and you think it’s too high, then there are only two possibilities. Either you’re using more energy than you think you are, or the meter(s) is faulty.


I had a similar problem with Utility Warehouse after I joined them in February. They estimated my usage based on the previous tenant and slapped me with a £355 duel fuel bill in my second month.
I also live in a tiny 1 bed flat. Utility Warehouse did not automatically use my supplied readings as I was a new customer.
I’d check with bulb if they’re doing the same thing.

I’m having same issues with them. I can’t get hold of them been calling them for months and sending emails my gas is through the roof! They keep making adjustments but by adjusting all the cost to the new increases from my uses earlier in the year before the increases and they have put me in debt now they are trying to say I’ve used over 600 of energy in 4 months and I’ve hardly been at my 1 bedroom flat the flat was empty for 6 months of this year, yet they were charging me then even with me sending meter readings. I have friends that I recommended at the beginning when it was smooth that are having similar issues