Are my smart reading being used?

Hi have been with Bulb couple of years - and had smart meter for ages - yet ALL my bills consist of estimates or provided by me when i realize that still my smart readings don’t seem to be used.

When will this be corrected? When will i see a level of detail that my neighbour enjoys from Octopus; Half hour breakdowns of usage . Bills generated from smart meter readings!

The Graph online has been in a state of ‘development’ since forever i can’t get to the detail behind as i expected in terms of Kwh used rather than just a single £ figure.

I have been on the EV tariff since March - yet bills have all been estimates . A condition of the EV tariff adoption was be able to read the meter every 30 mins - is this happening ? And can i see it?

I have had a load of bill adjustments recently with no explanation ( despite requests) with a sum total of £2.86 ish difference why?

Good afternoon @Dermoto,

Welcome to community :wave: and thanks for your post!!

Your gas is all good. We are receiving your readings every month which we are using to bill you. I can see that we were receiving your electricity meter readings up until the 24.07.21 but since we moved you onto a 2 rate tariff, there have been a few issues with getting your readings.

Are you able to take a manual reading for us to compare? If you could send it through here. We will be able to investigate this with our smart team for you

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy,

My latest reading as of this am is

14376.6 day time

714.5 Night time

BUT i wish to understand why has this not been resolved since July 24th - i have mentioned it a few times now

When will this be resolved please? and then be taken via the smart meter -not the first time i have brought this up.



Thanks for sending these through @Dermoto

Unfortunately, we are still in the trial stages of this tariff.

I can confirm your smart meter is sending readings, but at the moment the account isn’t processing these through to your bulb account. This is a known issue which we are in the process of sorting.

I have added the readings you sent through into your account today. In the meantime, I would suggest adding your meter readings manually once a month whilst we work on this issue. We hope to have an update for you in the upcoming months.

Let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

Thanks Daisy,

It has been going for a while ! Is it possible to get the raw data from the meter in the mean time?

Also i have a request in for the export tariff can you comment on that.?

Hi Daisy,

According to citizen advice and their check site - my meter is still a SMETS1 and has not yet been upgrade by yourselves ( though due to have been done by end October) - Can you confirm whether this is not the case as you say you are getting the readings! But can’ t roll them through to the bill !!

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Hey Dermot @Dermoto

So your meter is enrolled onto the DCC (the central smart network) and we are receiving readings. So it is effectively acting like a second-generation smart meter - this means the physical meter itself doesn’t need to be exchanged.

If we weren’t getting your smart readings we wouldn’t have put you onto the EV tariff initially - it’s only been an issue since switching to the dual-rate tariff. Otherwise we were receiving your readings without any issue. What I’m going to do is raise this with our EV team - I can see you’ve sent in an email about this so I’ll reply to it as soon as I have an update.
– Miriam

Thanks Miriam,



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