Are my smart reading being used?

Hi have been with Bulb couple of years - and had smart meter for ages - yet ALL my bills consist of estimates or provided by me when i realize that still my smart readings don’t seem to be used.

When will this be corrected? When will i see a level of detail that my neighbour enjoys from Octopus; Half hour breakdowns of usage . Bills generated from smart meter readings!

The Graph online has been in a state of ‘development’ since forever i can’t get to the detail behind as i expected in terms of Kwh used rather than just a single £ figure.

I have been on the EV tariff since March - yet bills have all been estimates . A condition of the EV tariff adoption was be able to read the meter every 30 mins - is this happening ? And can i see it?

I have had a load of bill adjustments recently with no explanation ( despite requests) with a sum total of £2.86 ish difference why?

Good afternoon @Dermoto,

Welcome to community :wave: and thanks for your post!!

Your gas is all good. We are receiving your readings every month which we are using to bill you. I can see that we were receiving your electricity meter readings up until the 24.07.21 but since we moved you onto a 2 rate tariff, there have been a few issues with getting your readings.

Are you able to take a manual reading for us to compare? If you could send it through here. We will be able to investigate this with our smart team for you

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy,

My latest reading as of this am is

14376.6 day time

714.5 Night time

BUT i wish to understand why has this not been resolved since July 24th - i have mentioned it a few times now

When will this be resolved please? and then be taken via the smart meter -not the first time i have brought this up.



Thanks for sending these through @Dermoto

Unfortunately, we are still in the trial stages of this tariff.

I can confirm your smart meter is sending readings, but at the moment the account isn’t processing these through to your bulb account. This is a known issue which we are in the process of sorting.

I have added the readings you sent through into your account today. In the meantime, I would suggest adding your meter readings manually once a month whilst we work on this issue. We hope to have an update for you in the upcoming months.

Let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

Thanks Daisy,

It has been going for a while ! Is it possible to get the raw data from the meter in the mean time?

Also i have a request in for the export tariff can you comment on that.?

Hi Daisy,

According to citizen advice and their check site - my meter is still a SMETS1 and has not yet been upgrade by yourselves ( though due to have been done by end October) - Can you confirm whether this is not the case as you say you are getting the readings! But can’ t roll them through to the bill !!

Kind Regards


Hey Dermot @Dermoto

So your meter is enrolled onto the DCC (the central smart network) and we are receiving readings. So it is effectively acting like a second-generation smart meter - this means the physical meter itself doesn’t need to be exchanged.

If we weren’t getting your smart readings we wouldn’t have put you onto the EV tariff initially - it’s only been an issue since switching to the dual-rate tariff. Otherwise we were receiving your readings without any issue. What I’m going to do is raise this with our EV team - I can see you’ve sent in an email about this so I’ll reply to it as soon as I have an update.
– Miriam

Thanks Miriam,



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Hi now 7th January still a mixture of manual readings provided by me via email ( as first Dec bill was estimate) The manual upate via system is disabled now as i’m on a smart meter. Why can’t there be a constant use of smart? Why was my last bill 22nd Dec taken from a start point of Oct when there was a smart reading in Nov! Yet none in Dec - thoroughly confused

Hi @Dermoto :wave:

We are receiving intermittent smart readings, although due to a connection issue this isn’t constant. We are working on this, although we don’t have a timeline.

As the option to submit a reading has now been removed please do continue to contact us either by phone, chat or on social media to give us your readings around your statement date.

The reason for the consolidated statement spanning back to October is unknown, although sometimes due to a removal of an incorrect reading. Please be assured that the previous statements have been reimbursed back to the account and the statement reissued. This ensures you aren’t charged twice for your usage.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

– Robyn :bulb:

Thanks - the working on it has been going on a while now … Every month i am having to check statements to understand my usage - and ensure the charging makes sense

Hi @Dermoto

I completely appreciate that this is frustrating.

If you are giving us readings within 3 days of your statement date, the statement will be accurate. We are always more than happy to go through your usage with you and help explain your statement if needed.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi now 29th of January and no smart reading on my account was told on the 24th they had been taken but were not visible to the agent!! I expect a bill any day can you guarantee it will not be an estimate and will reflect the activity of the last month rather than go back to a earlier month !!!

This as you can see had been going on for some months - smart reading did appear for a while, gas seems to be fine . I did notice with the recent request for export information a request for the serial number of the meter - and that it differs slightly to what is on my bill - could that have a part to play in this constant issue.

Hi @Dermoto

I have just checked and your statement is currently in draft status and is being checked by our operations team so this may be a little delayed.

We received a read on 22nd January so we will use this to produce your statement.

– Robyn :bulb:

Thankyou but would ideally like future bills NOT to consist of a serious of corrections. As you manage to sort reading my meter. When should i expect to see a smart reading on my account. On the 22nd morning of the 23rd? As this time i was promised it had been taken x2 times. But no it hadn’t.

So lets see


I submit a meter reading every month, in advance of my bill. Often they pretend they didn’t receive it. It’s easy to be deceived by fraud.