Are referrals a scam?

so im still waiting to hear about my bonus payments the screen hasnt changed on my home screen for 2 days now just says switch is in progress starting to think this is a scam

Is it your switch or that of the person you referred which is showing as switch in progress?

the people i have reffered

Have you checked with the person you have referred if their switch over has completed in full?
It’s not a scam, I have referred 3 people and once their switch over is fully complete the referral payment was made

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ive had emails off bulb stating the switch is complete that should be enough for them to pay out obv not though

Not sure then because I didn’t receive emails regarding other people’s switching… Can only go on my own experience of receiving payments

Hi @bren01253,

I can see that a lot of your friends are switching to Bulb with a top-up meter (also called a prepay meter), therefore the credit will be sent through Transferwise after their first electricity top-up.

I’d also recommend waiting 48 hours to receive your credit after their top up - as we need a bit of time to let Transferwise know of the referral.

ok what about the ppl that have switched already without a topup meter example the ppl that pay by direct debit ??

Members who have switched on our direct debit tariff will get their referral credit as soon as the switch is complete.

Since you’ve switched to Bulb on our prepay tariff, you’ll be receiving your credit a couple of days later through Transferwise. I can see that we’ve sent off a recent batch request that includes your referral credits, so you’ll be receiving an email from Transferwise very soon.

any idea how soon cause i go on holiday tmoro afternoon many thanks

The referral credits that show “Switch still in progress”, should reach you either today or tomorrow.

For the prepay members - we just need to wait for their first top up.

ok thanks for all your help and it was nice of someone from bulb to actually clear this up you can delete this thread now many thanks brendan

No worries - happy to have helped.

I’ll keep the thread active in case anyone else needs a hand with their referral credit.


I made my first top up on the 16/12/19,to date i have not received my e-mail link from transferwise…

Also on a side note i notice when topping up the electric key the till display still says EON as my supplier,i registered the key for 60 seconds as stated in the help guide… my gas card also registers my old supplier british gas,just wondering why this is?

hi william was that recent batch thing message at me about my missing referral thanks

I topped up on th 15th my switched was completed on the 15th, still no email from transferwise

@fatnat91 @bren01253 @Dave1968 I’ve dropped you all a private message. :slight_smile:

Hi Jim. I’m in the same boat as these folks. Waiting on an email from transfer wise. Would appreciate an update buddy. Thanks :+1:

will at bulb. I’m in the same boat as these folks. Waiting on an email from transfer wise. Would appreciate an update buddy. Thanks

Hey man. See previous message please. Cheers