Are Scottish Power stalling?

Scottish Power just keep telling me “We’re waiting for REGENT POWER to give us the meter readings you gave them.”, it’s been 4 weeks since I switched, I understand it can take up to 6 weeks, but I just assumed the 6 weeks was a “just in case anything goes wrong” type period?

Does it really take 6 weeks for someone to put my meter reads into a computer system? What causes the 6 week wait?

When you switch all readings have to be verified by an industry third party, nothing to do with the actual suppliers, it is a legal requirement to prevent or at least reduce disputes among suppliers. Regent Power was a name used by Bulb in the early days and I believe still exists on some databases.
Both my last 2 switches were just over 6 weeks, sit tight.

My switch date was the 26/02/18, Bulb asked me for final meter readings on the 21/02/18 which I gave to them.

I’ve now received 2 sets of final bills from Scottish Power, one for gas and electricity based upon my final meter reads up until the 21/02/18 and a second set of final bills for between 22/02/18 and 26/02/18 but based on estimated meter reads!

Before I get in touch with Scottish Power, is this normal? I know I didn’t technically switch to Bulb until the 26/02/18 and I was a SP customer until then, but I don’t have any actual meter read information for the 26/02/18, so how exactly will they generate a final, final bill for 21/02/18 - 26/02/18 without any accurate meter read data?

Have SP messed up?

They will probably use an estimate for 21/02/18 - 26/02/18, they are generally quite accurate. This is one reason the industry uses a third party for verification as it prevents misuse of readings at switch overs.

@RichG we supplied you from 26/02/18. I think Scottish Power has done everything right, here. I’ll get in touch with our Data Collector about this, but what I think has happened is that we were missing your meter’s technical details when you gave us the meter reading. (This happens in a small minority of switches, and it means that we have trouble passing the read you give us to your previous supplier.)

I forgot to update the thread, I called SP and they said something similar to what you’ve just said @“Andrew at Bulb”.

They got rid of the estimated bill and generated me a new one based on the actual closing reading on the 21st, so they’ve closed my account and are processing the refund :smiley:

PS, I gave you an updated gas reading on Friday 23/03 via the mobile app, the app said it looked like my reading was incorrect but it still let me submit it, but it still isn’t showing on my account. Do I just need to do it again or wait?

@RichG until we have the details for your elec meter, it will be hard for our billing system / app to understand your readings properly.

With the gas meter, it was a different problem, which I’ve solved now. The read 483 should now show up.

Hi Rich, I am having the same issue, switch date 20th of December still unresolved. SSE saying waiting bulb. I have contacted bulb of 5 occasions full of promises still nothing. SSE even copied a letter they sent to bulb. Big piece in the Sunday Mail this weekend with the blame firmly at bulbs door. Their customer service has been shocking about to leave them and return to SSE.

Hi Rich, Big piece in the Sunday Mail this weekend with the blame firmly at bulbs door. Their customer service has been shocking about to leave them and return to SSE.

Mail Online article (29 March 2018) here:
It seems that Bulb were ranked the second best energy company for customer service, showing that “small suppliers can deliver great customer service”.
Which article are you referring to @Alex7070 ?

Scottish Sunday Mail, think it was only in written press. It was in the judge section who deals with unresolved complaints. Similar to mine 4 months and county for resolution to final bill from SSE. Bulb at fault they keep blaming 3rd party, can’t see how they justify such high rating, pretty disappointed in them.

I’ve always found the customer service to be really good and would rate it highly myself. However, I think that some of the technical aspects aren’t quite right yet - but at least the company is always looking to improve.
It’s a pity you’ve had a bad experience with your switch.

@Alex7070, without more information on the specific case, I don’t think any of us could comment on the article you mention, or the issues you’ve faced.

Personally I’ve found their service exemplary.

Bulb at fault they keep blaming 3rd party
Sure it's not the issue of the third party then?

@Alex7070 My colleague, Rob, has been in touch with you to discuss the delays in this case, see his email for more detail, but, SSE have confirmed they have your readings and we are talking with our data collector to see why there have been delays in your case.

@“Andrew at Bulb”, this still isn’t sorted. The 483 read for the gas and the read for electricity back in April are not showing in my account. I also put new, up to date readings in to website yesterday and these also have not appeared.

Hi Rich, apologies for this. I am sorting out some meter information on your account and your account should be correctly showing on Tuesday.

Apologies for this

I’m in the early days of having switched to Bulb on 2 May, so not too worried at the moment about final bills from my previous suppliers

Interestingly I signed up for Bulb on 11 April and by the 15th had an email from British Gas to say they were sorry to lose me etc and that I would be switching from them on 1 May. My online account for British Gas even shows the meter reading I supplied to Bulb and the fact my account is now closed with them and they are in the process of finalising my end of contact bill.

My Electricity was with Swalec (i.e. SSE) and not a dicky-bird from them. My on-line account gives no indication I have switched from them.

@Allanr I don’t think that’s anything to worry about. We definitely took over your electricity on 2 May. Electricity/gas work on different timescales, you should receive your final bills by mid-June.

Thanks. I was really commenting on how quick British Gas were in closing my account and refunding my credit. I realise it can take 6 weeks or possibly more before previous suppliers finalise their bills and sort out any over/under payments.

@“James at Bulb”, the 483 gas read has shown up in my account, none of the electricity reads are there yet.