Are Smart Meter Issues down to Bulb or the Smart Meter platform?

My smart meter and IHD have been unreliable since day one. A number of times Bulb just stop receiving my readings and I have to provide customer reads.

My IHD now only shows gas, and seems to have lost an understanding of what a week is! It now shows as always being over budget for the week and tells me I have used over £70 of gas this week, even on a Monday.

Do all these issues also occur with other suppliers? I don’t want to jump ship if the experience will be the same everywhere. The Bulb feature of 30 min reads and the usage chart is important to me as my home office in the garden is heated by electricity and I’m keen to keep an eye on how much this is costing to run. At present I cannot do this via the app or via my IHD…

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