Are there any guidelines in how to promote bulb at all?

I would like to know if it is more of a free for all when it comes to promotion or if there are any guidelines at all?

Many Thanks


(Found my answer)

Andrew at Bulb April 5, 2017 12:46PM Flag
Hi @joannaayre you can post your referral link anywhere and everywhere, pollinating the whole of the UK’s internet with Bulb love :bee: – that said, in my experience (as a relatively active referrer myself), I find that in-person referrals are usually the most successful. I’ve even been known to buy someone a coffee or lunch if they switch on the spot…!

@steverearl haha, that’s good to hear! Good luck with referrals!

I cannot find how to refer a friend. There seem to be icons but when I click on them nothing happens

@josephine6902 I’ve responded to another one of your comments. As long as you send your friends your personalised link, either by text or email, they’ll be able to sign up using that link!

Not as far as I’m aware! I think the more you share the better for Bulb. So here’s my code whilst I’m here… :wink:

@joannaayre LOL smoothly done