Are you allowed to create a website specifically for referring people via your own link?


I’ve noticed more and more people creating their own websites for referring people to Bulb (via their link of course). One such example being :

Is this allowed?

If it is then I’d be tempted to follow suit, but I thought it might infringe the policy?..……….The person who created the site above isn’t using your logo but is of course indirectly representing your business.

It’s covered by section 17 of the terms and conditions at and from what I can tell that site is allowed : it’s making it clear it’s a referral, has a disclaimer, doesn’t use the logo/colors (section 18 of the T+Cs): the only potential bit I would say is ‘17.3.1. Personal Links should only be used by individuals for personal and non-commercial purposes.’

I’d be tempted to say no to that specific one based on:

17.3.2. You must make it clear when referring a friend that it is a personal recommendation and that you do not represent Bulb or any Bulb employee when promoting your Personal Link.
I'm not sure that creating a website simply with a tiny section of text at the bottom would cover this. The website address is generic and everything on it aside from the text at the bottom is generic. Most people would reach the (generic) link to the referral page or the "get a quote" button, and not see anything to suggest it's a personal recommendation.

That site also uses some of Bulb’s images without permission on the “Bulb Review” page.