Are you going to take the direct debit?

i phoned up on 28 march and you agreed to just DD me for the energy i used, but it says on my account the dd for £300+ is going through, this is not what was agreed, and if the goes through i will not have enough money left in my account to pay my mortgage!, my last monthly bill was just over £100.

Hi @btelston :wave:

I do apologise for inconvenience and any stress caused here. I have cancelled the incorrect payment amount for this month and correctly set up your payments to take the specific outstanding balance each month (starting next month).

For this months payment you can log into your bulb account and manually top this up. We will then automatically take your outstanding payments following your May bill.

Again, I apologise for any stress caused by this. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Luke :bulb:

i have not had a bill as i normally do?, says i need to set up a payment date but if i do it trys to set up for £300+ plus again, i have worked out my bill will be between £140 and £150 this month and you agreed to only take what i used if i set up again is it just going to take the incorrect amount again?..

Hi @btelston

Apologies for the delay in writing back to you.

It appears a statement has now been produced for your April usage. In doing this it has reduced your suggested monthly payment amount which you are now able to adjust in your Bulb account.

– Robyn :bulb: