Are you on an Economy 7 tariff? Do you also have an electric vehicle? We want to talk to you!

Hi everyone,

I’m Sophia - I’m a Product Specialist at Bulb. I get to spend my day researching electric vehicles and smart products (it’s a pretty great job), and I find the best insights come from YOU, dear Bulb members.

My team and I are looking for a couple of members with an Economy 7 tariff to give feedback on our up-coming Electric Vehicle (EV) features.

If you have an electric car and are on the Economy 7 tariff (one rate for the day and a different rate overnight), we’d love to chat with you.

Simply reply in the thread and we’ll message you with further details.

We look forward to hearing from you! :oncoming_automobile:

I have had two Evs at the same time in the past, I’m temporarily down to one at the moment, but in the coming months will be going back to two Evs again. I’ve been driving EVs for four and a half years. Previously I was on a government monitoring scheme that monitored my usage. I have had a long standing issue with Bulb over the installation of a Smart Meter that turned out to be faulty and was finally replaced yesterday after a six month wait. I have checked my online account today and I am back onto a two rate E7 tariff. The experience has been pretty bad, but if you want to ensure you get things right in the future, then I am available .

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Hi @DaveDB - sorry to hear about your frustration with the smart meter process, and very glad it’s been resolved.

What we’d cover in the chat won’t be related to smart meters, but it would be great to get your insights. I’ll send you a direct message with the details to see if you’re available.