Are you receiving me? ...over

The last “Smart meter” reading showing on my account was the 4th of October. This is despite having readings set at every half hour. Ever since then you have repeatedly guessed my usage until I have manually sent meter readings, so is there a problem?

So I’ll ask again…

Are you receiving me?

You either couldn’t give a :poop: or you don’t know.

Which is it?

Hi @Bulberino, apologies for the wait.

In your browser version of your account, I can see you’ve had your readings come through yesterday for your billing, and your energy charts as far as I can see are showing daily usage.

I’ve posted the image you’ve sent with our tech-team to see if there’s any bugs on the app front.

Will let you know when I hear back. Roger!

Oisin :poop:

The “correct” readings did NOT come through yesterday, they are ESTIMATES.

I will ask again…



Hi @Bulberino, echoing what Oisin has said, we did definitely get smart readings through for yesterday (3 November), and you should be able to see these on Energy Usage page on your Bulb account.

So in this sense, we’re not having a problem getting your readings through, no :+1: Do let me know if you have any other questions or queries though.

Lou :stars:


So please explain why the readings on the app are NOT “smart” ones the vast majority are reading I have input because the smart reading don’t happen!

Do you only take “smart” readings before you sent me a statement. If so what’s the point of selecting 1/2 hour readings?

I use to see regular, almost daily “smart” readings. But not anymore

@Bulberino mine is the same. my electric is set to half hourly. I only ever get a smart reading registered in the app just before the statement. I enter them myself during the month. Not sure why the app isn’t showing the smart readings.

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Thanks for your comment. :+1:t2:

I’m guessing by bulbs comments that there’s a glitch in the app after an update.

All I want is an accurate daily usage so I can budget accurately. Not much to ask from an energy supplier as I’m getting fed up with bulbs guess work.

Isn’t this just a weird interface choice (from Bulb) in the mobile app?

If I look at the “Meter readings” list I only see smart readings every 30 days (or, one on the date of the recent tariff change). It looks like it’s listing the values that they record for billing, rather than the values received from the meter. That kind of makes sense, from a legacy point of view: its the analogue of taking a reading for the bill.

If I look in the “Week” usage charts I can see they’re getting data every day but it doesn’t show the exact daily amount. Just the weekly sum.

With a web browser, my Bulb account dashboard does show more detail on the graph, but again not in the list. That’s probably where you want to be looking.

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