We were told that our payments would not go above a certain amount …£90!
To our dismay we were told that we have not payed enough through the year and we now have to pay £165. Also we have recommended Adam *** of *** who has signed up to bulb but we have not yet seen our £50 commission. We are both 75 and 72 years old. Could you please advise or come up with some solution or I am afraid that my family members and myself would consider leaving bulb. My daughter also changed to bulb, ****************** . We as I said before had no inclination that we were not meeting our monthly payments and then to be hit with a massive bill is ridiculous! Yours Sincerely Adam *****

They do send monthly statements so I don’t understand how you were not aware.
I would also edit your post and take private info off it.
I doubt if Bulb would say it wont go above a certain amount more likely they gave you a quote based on the info you supplied.
Within the industry (not just Bulb) there have been massive rises this year.

We were told that our payments would not go above a certain amount ....£90!

Hi Adam,

Firstly, you’ve posted on a public forum for Bulb customers like myself. I strongly suggest that you edit your post to remove the personal detail you’ve included that is currently visible to the entire world. You can do this by clicking the little “gear” shaped symbol next to your post and clicking “edit”. In the mean time, I’ve flagged your post for a moderator to look at it and remove your details.

Regarding your problem, and speaking only as another customer like yourself, the first question to ask is have to been submitting monthly meter readings as requested by the email reminders you should have been receiving from Bulb? If not, then your bills will have been based on estimates and could easily be entirely unrelated to your actual usage, hence the eventual large “catch up” bill. Your bills will only be accurate if you provide Bulb with accurate and up to date information.

Where were you told that your bill would not “go above a certain amount”? Such a capped unlimited-use service is not a tariff that Bulb offer, nor any energy supplier I’m aware of. If you use more you will pay more, and this could easily be above whatever was initially quoted based on a guess of your likely usage for the next 12 months. Despite this, do be assured that if the unit rates (pence per kWh) and standing charges are still lower than your previous supplier now offer, then your energy will still be costing you less than it would have and you are still saving money as expected by being with Bulb.