Asked for a meter reading but

Hi All,

Recently moved homes and I think my account might be setup incorrectly even though I have provided the normal notice period and they are aware I have moved.

Just been asked to provide a meter reading and again I moved homes just recently but there is no options on my current account to provide such a reading. Also it is stuck on my old address and claims my account has been closed.

Weird bug/glitch maybe?

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues when moving home with bulb?

P.S I have tried the reset links to see if it provides me access to my new account, however this has not fixed the issue.

I thought to start this topic in case anyone else is having issues when moving and remaining with their energy supplier “bulb”.

Hopefully someone from bulb may see this and help me?

This is quite a common occurence with bulb, and you will have to wait until they eventually climb out of bed, to manually close your old account and reset your new one

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Thank you for your reply. I see so it is a lack of someone doing the admin for the old account.

I raised it with bulb and they appear to be dealing with it and hopefully it will get sorted soon.

If not I am sure I will appear again on here :smiley: