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My experience with bulb has been very hit and miss. I asked for a smart meter for over 18 months. I was told I could not have one. I was also told that they owed me money then I was told it was a error by someone who had put in the wrong figures from my meter. Nor sure how this was true as the meter was being read by someone from Morrison meter reading company. Then I get a horrendous high bill and start asking more questions? Suddenly after asking for ages I van have a smart meter surprise what changed.The S/M is installed. Still fighting the high bill. Then I get a request for a meter reading??? Why I have a smart meter. After 2 phone calls I finally get a answer someone had made a mistake and my account was not handled correctly. They did apologise and give me a £30 credit. I have now passed it to the ombudsman as I need this sorted out. I have no faith in Bulb

Good afternoon @Babybaby1710,

Welcome to community :wave: and thanks for your post!!

I’m sorry to hear you are having a number of issues with your account and that we have disappointed you. It sounds like this wasn’t handled well and we should absolutely do better.

U understand you’re taking it to the ombudsman, but if you have any other queries you want us to address, please let us know and we can look into these for you

– Daisy :bulb:

I did ask before I had my smart meter fitted and still had my old meter. I asked if a engineer could come and check my meter and my supply to my home. No response and no engineer. As I mentioned to the Ombudsman a few years ago maybe 2/3 I received a email from Bulb saying that they owed me thousands of pounds for overcharging me on my electric.
When I tried to ask questions about this I was told that it was all a mistake and someone had made a mistake with the meter reading?? I did not question the outcome I believed what I was told??? At the moment my meter seems to have a mind of its own ! when having the same appliances on the meter seems to be sometimes high and sometimes low!! Never the same reading with the same appliances on!
Needs looking into. Jh